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Dawn Airey

Written by Philip Garcia

Dawn Airey is a woman of substance. She has not been nicknamed “Scary Airey” and “Zulu Dawn” for nothing. Nominated as one of the hundred most influential gays and lesbians in the UK by the Independent Newspaper, she generally sports a friendly demeanour, but keeps her cards close to her chest, and wields her power with flair. Presently Senior Vice President of Yahoo Europe, the Middle East and Africa, many never guess what she is thinking, but she can make a point brilliantly and possesses a precise gift for the gab that can be nothing less than inspiring. Maybe because her Scorpio sun sign not only enhances her auric field, making it literally tremor with charisma, but gifts her with a resourceful, charismatic, rather down played energy that hits the “high spot” every time. When she meets you she will size you up, taking in every aspect of your “look” translating the reality of who you are in less than five seconds. This capacity gifts her with the talent of picking the right man for the job, someone who will fit and get things done. She will also see straight off if you are not going to cooperate, and might give you a rousing pep talk if she is putting you on hold. Add on her Winged Messenger Mercury’s foray into Scorpio and she is thorough, with a unique capacity to “problem bust”, able to see solutions when everyone else is banging their heads against a brick wall. We would not call her stubborn but certainly determined. She began her career as a management trainee, her obvious talent shone like the proverbial sun. Obviously her talents are exceptional, with that moon in Libra they demonstrate a knack for powerful stances and organisational chutzpah. Venus in Saggy will make her the woman with her finger on the pulse, and an array of useful contacts and gifted, stellar friends. Her aim would be to travel if not in body, in mind and vision. She has broad sweep perceptions of reality. When it comes to her personal life she expects those she adores to be their own person, able to pay the bills, bang a nail in the wall etc. She would not like you to throw a fit on her at any time, whether it be jealousy or just because you banged your toe on the coffee table. Mars in Cancer would help her out, she loves her home, and she would have taken out the best insurance policy possible on it. She also likes people in it to appreciate it, and pay attention to the smallest detail, happy when people note the new dining table, especially when her family is seated around it on Christmas Day. Occasion is something she appreciates. She has more than risen up the ladder to success; she is a trapeze artist par excellence becoming Controller of Arts and Entertainment at Channel Four, and subsequently morphing into the Head of Channel Five and ultimately on to her current role, with many exciting new ideas up her sleeve by the minute. Her origins are Liverpool; she went to a local comprehensive and a boy’s private school. She attended Girton College Cambridge and read of all things “Geography” Yet there was always something stimulating, exciting and inspiring about her stance on life. She had a secret plan right from the start, and she was not letting on. She just worked consistently for it, Jupiter in Capricorn giving her a solid take on the realities of life, even at an early age. In fact one could say that her maturity was far beyond her years way back when, and enabled her to deal with any challenge with the wisdom of one much older. She has not one drop of fear in her, which is a gift bestowed on her by the Gods, and enables her to take reasonable risks, see thru obstacles, and overcome the kind of red tape that would have many of us running for the Bahamas. She rests, when she has done the job. She holidays because she wants to have fun, not because she is stressed out by the job. Stress is not a word she is prone to use. But it is her north node in Virgo that could sum her up. Deep down she feels she is on a mission. She wants to bring news to humanity, educate them, give them facts and figures to ponder over and assess. Details they can work with, and analyse. To do this she knows she has to be well informed, able, and her stirring mission is to be just that. There is something powerful in the air, a prospect of enlarging her scope of expertise in some way. She will remain focused and perhaps find a new element to operate within. There could be real transformation on the cards, ways forward that will stimulate and even challenge those around her. She will burn the midnight oil as she works even harder, but she will feel inspired and elated in the process. She is on the path to the “castle on top of the hill”, and nobody will stand in her way to get there. Good on you Dawn! We are right behind you!

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