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Dame Judi Dench

Written by Philip Garcia

She is a master at making a role work, so you inevitably raise your hat to her meticulousness. Her roles these days tend to be of Maverick older woman, who do things “Their Way”, very much like her popular M in the James Bond film series.

If anyone had said to little Judi, appearing as a snail in a Junior School play she would grow up to be a star of stage and screen she not have been surprised. An innocent child has no prejudice. But when she did find herself a cheerful student at the Central School of Speech and Drama it took her a while to remember the spontaneous child playing at dressing up in her family’s droughty Victorian home. When she did remember, she never looked back. Has to be said Sagittarius Judi is a contradiction in terms. Reserved but a chatter box, emotionally detached but able to deliver a performance that rocks stage and screen she can only be seen as the Grande Dame of show biz these days. Judi can touch the marrow of a part, the soul of her audience with that dignity about her that air of someone very much in control of her craft. Judi first succeeded in her debut performance at the Old Vic when she played Ophelia in Hamlet. Now she is the recipient of eleven BAFTA awards, and an Oscar; one can but gasp at the huge professional strides taken. May be her success is due to a noteworthy Capricorn influence; she works hard, she stays with it. But Mars in exacting Virgo could also be the cause of her extreme perfectionism, that passion for her role. This planetary aspect will make her perceive characters’ emotions like a researcher examines cells under a microscope. She will ask why some individual she is playing did, or didn’t, lock the front door as they left the house till she gets an answer, and she will drive her colleagues to the crème de menthe in the process. She is a master at making a role work, so you inevitably raise your hat to her meticulousness. Her roles these days tend to be of Maverick older woman, who do things “Their Way”, very much like her popular M in the James Bond film series. Yet that Venus in Sagittarius asks Judi Dench to be a laugh a minute. She tells a joke with such a straight face you will be unable to stop yourself from falling off your chair, overcome by mirth She will also delight on playing pranks on co-stars, some of them side splittingly hilarious, if taken with a sporty attitude.. Her life style suits her, all that travelling around, meeting people. Friends will pop up everywhere, the corner deli, her local newsagent, Hollywood, Bollywood, Windsor Castle, at the supermarket. She is no snob, people adore her, and want to giggle with her as a result. Judi would be interested in spiritual matters; they hold a fascination for her with Jupiter in Scorpio, which would explain her Quaker faith. Other worldly matters lift her morale. She needs to understand how this old universe works. Her marriage to actor Michael Williams was a significant almost spiritual bond too, her phrase “we were just happy being in the same room together” a sign of that soul love they shared. But Michael was a depressive at times, their union began due to a personal tragedy in Judi’s life. He was once heard saying “for Judi it is bloody Christmas every day!” But they loved each other, and he would send her a bunch of red roses every week for thirty years. The phrase “opposites attract” comes to mind here. Interestingly, her Saturn in Aquarius has made sure she takes a broad minded approach to the concept of eternal life. Remaining unattached to the opinions of sceptics, she is more prone to synthesizing the possibility of never-ending spiritual existence in her own way, with care to content and detail. Nothing shoddy for our Judi. It all has to have a certain symbolic resonance. But the secret to Dame Judi Dench’s astounding skills could be Uranus in Aries. This would make her channel her characters from Universal Mind; have intuitive “connections” to them within, sense their asking her to give them a chance at expressing themselves with the detail only she is capable of. She is a master craftswoman. Able to touch hearts with the strength of her astounding performances. Perhaps taking a well earned rest and recuperation rather than continue with all that hard graft could be considered. She could hold back all that energy, she might consider cutting back on her acting assignments, but it will be hard for her. Be assured, she will re-emerge, as remarkable as ever, and remain one of the greatest British actors of all time!

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