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Dakota Fanning

Written by Philip Garcia

Child genius, acting phenomenon, magical, gifted, all these attributes describe the wonder that is Dakota Fanning. With sun in Pisces and moon in Cancer she is the epitome of genial sensitivity, the banner waver for a child star.

Child genius, acting phenomenon, magical, gifted, all these attributes describe the wonder that is Dakota Fanning. With sun in Pisces and moon in Cancer she is the epitome of genial sensitivity, the banner waver for a child star. Mars in Aquarius assures us she knows what she wants and nearly always gets it! Therefore, not a normal little girl from Georgia for sure. Certainly not a cheerleader, far too subtle a personality and inspiringly elegant for one so young. Ever see her performance in War of the Worlds? She seemed to be channelling her histrionics because the role fell around her so perfectly and we all identified with that neurotic teenage kid, overcome by her parents’ divorce. Terrified to death by the invading Martians, she waded her nervous way through continual tragedy, but in real life this little girl is not so flaky. So what makes her able to perform maturely then? What makes her unusual demeanour fill us with primal protective instincts? Well, Scorpio in Pluto could be the “mover and shaker” in this astrological scenario. This child carries that inner pressure, part of Scorpionic spiritual knowing, a gift of identification and projection into any role. Scorpio pushes her where “angels fear to tread”, so not surprisingly she might have temporary feelings of insecurity, followed by bursts of creativity, borderline angst and a clear need to “express ” to keep her mind calm. She is one of a kind, being so unnervingly wise. Mercury in Aquarius enables her to go optimistically into a challenging role, to remember her lines, to remain balanced as she mixes and matches the duality of profound Scorpionic feeling and then switches into a bright eyed Mercurial actress, punctual on set, clear in communication and a delight to be with. Dakota’s talent is her watchfulness, she can imitate emotions, as she takes stock of those around her. This is her geniality. As a little girl her imagination would carry her off to other climes but deep down, she knew that this capacity would disengage her from her craft, so she concentrated on mixing the two, fantasy and reality and created an exceptional linguistic capacity to express emotions and analyse feeling. This child has a capacity for hard work, Jupiter in Scorpio allows her not to just to touch the surface of her craft, but delve underneath it. She will research her role, explore each facet of it. Combine the reality of this, with an inbred capacity to express emotion and we have a gifted time bomb of an actress, fame ready to explode in our faces as she grows into a beautiful young woman. She is compelling; she does not pressure us with one performance after another because as a child star she needs to finish her studies, to hang out with her friends, to have fun shopping down the Mall. If you asked Dakota why she loves acting she would answer she wants to help people understand. Perhaps she does not know what she wants them to understand, yet, but she certainly feels she is on a mission. Saturn in Pisces is inspiring her to lurch forward, will lead her to analyse the tragic complexities of the world and she will want to do something about them. I would not be surprised if she has some private charity, or project she is contributing to already! Dakota loves her things; she probably collects jewellery, dolls or dresses. She probably keeps a scrapbook, or a box with pictures of the places she has visited, she is a memento type of girl! But this need to remember events ties in with her need to understand human behaviour, this is the side that makes her such a stunning actress for one so young. During the rest of this year not only is it probable that Dakota could have an immense crush on someone special, but it shows her working steadily towards her aims and winning through insecurities, or an immediate lack of the right acting project. Something is due to come up for Dakota it is time for a lucrative film contract and career expansion. So watch this space, the “Dakota space” because there is something intriguing happening to this gifted young actress. She is a bright spark of talent, and we will all be watching her evolution as a star over the next three to four years. God bless you Dakota! And watch out for September when Jupiter the planet of bounty will be your friend, and you will not only find yourself with an intriguing role but could meet an exceptional person who will help you find a way to understanding human nature even more, perhaps a new acting coach, or inspiring mentor. The way will open out even more for Dakota, that is for sure, and she will surely shine very brightly in the future!!

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