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Written by Philip Garcia

“Who is that Girl?” An exotic perhaps? Of Armenian descent on papa’s side maybe, with those striking looks? So exquisite, one has to pinch oneself just in case she might not be real?

“Who is that Girl?” An exotic perhaps? Of Armenian descent on papa’s side maybe, with those striking looks? So exquisite, one has to pinch oneself just in case she might not be real? Well, folks Cher, the singer, the actress, the businesswoman is a larger than life Taurean! The story goes her ma and pa divorced when she was little. Struggling to make ends meet, her mum, an aspiring model of Cherokee descent, acted in bit parts to keep the family show on the road. Cher was temporarily placed in foster care. But mama’s extrovert genes were to rub off, and Cher survived it all, knowing only one thing for sure – she wanted to be famous. No matter the chaos of her childhood, Mercury in Taurus made Cher happy to work hard for show biz success. Music stimulated her, picked her up off the floor, made her want to touch the stars. She was gorgeous, it was the sixties, and flower power was on the rise. She was on the rise, even if her search for beauty and success seemed as if it would be never ending. Her hippy looking style, long straight black hair to her waist, a skinny midriff, pajama pants pulled Warren Beatty when she was a mere teen. Therefore, her budding sexual maturity and streetwise ways more than compensated for early disappointments at school, when she was labeled a dyslexic. Meeting Sonny Bono would have been the cream on her cake. The Fates, coupled with fabulous Mr. Jupiter in Leo, guaranteed many open doors and encouraged her to build up even more talent. She and Sonny were singing duo long before “I got you Babe” hit the big time, but he was soon the boss, and took over total responsibility for their hot act. Cher had started off as a back up singer for Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios when they first met. As we inferred, their relationship was karmic, so when Sonny died in skiing accident years later, Cher was inconsolable. They had broken up in the seventies with a rather fraught public divorce, but Cher held no grudges. It has to be said she usually comes over as one tough cookie, her barbed wit cultivated when she suffered stage fright. Phrases such as “I’m still friends with my exes, apart from my husbands.” accentuates her still rather black humour. She can see the ridiculous in most things, even her gorgeous looks. Therefore she was not left entirely dumb struck when Clive Anderson said, “Wow, Cher, you look like a million dollars… is that how much it cost?” on his TV show, an illusion to extensive plastic surgery! She knows success puts her in the hot seat. She was born on 20 May; the number 20 is associated with renewal, and Cher has reinvented herself a thousand times over, and will continue to do so. She won an Academy ward for “Moonstruck”, a Grammy, an Emmy, three Golden Globes and a People’s Choice Award. Her sun in Taurus makes her earthy, inclined to dig her heels in the film set, sometimes afraid to express her deeper emotions far from the show biz spotlights, in case she gets hurt, for her heart is soft and sweet. Mars in Leo will make her independent, emotionally free spirited. She has been involved with Gregg Allman had a fling with Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando and dated Tom Cruise. Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton and Mark Hudson have been sometime flirtations! Surprisingly these affairs did not initiate because of her looks alone, even though she sets great store by them. Her Venus in Gemini makes her naturally seductive, full of fun, and a great conversationalist with a unique take on life. Men adore her. Gay men worship her, for our friendly Cher is an icon, admired for her capacity to soldier on through emotional upset, even if criticised endlessly by the media for her stance on plastic surgery and fashion. She has always had the courage to be who she is, and will not back down, ever. It has to be said she suffered guilt issues when her own daughter came out as a lesbian, but as she said during a Parkinson interview “perhaps I should have baked more cookies.” A comment from Alec Mapa of The Advocate, puts it all in a nutshell, “While the rest of us were sleeping, Cher ‘s been out there for the last four decades living out every single one of our childhood fantasies. Cher embodies an unapologetic freedom and fearlessness that some of us can only aspire to!” But it is Ms. Moon in Capricorn that makes Cher such a vital personality, someone who can protect themselves from the onslaughts of show biz media, with all its bitchiness and one-upmanship. She does not need to be anything other than naturally poised, stable, and ready to hold her own. Her Capricorn moon helps her forgive those who hurt her, remaining high-minded when it comes to live and let live, understanding sometimes unfair behavior, bearing no grievances against anyone who did her wrong, whether emotionally or career-wise. She is a million dollar babe, and we can see her continuing in her usual very humane and loving manner. She could do nothing else. Her experience has made her broad minded, and openhearted. She threw herself into life 100 percent, even challenging the fates, and certainly winning through. For Cher, the next couple of years shows even more success. It has to be said that Cher does not like to age, it depresses her. But this year she will be pushed into the limelight, and stand down some of her fears about change, physical change above all. She will be surrounded by a loving family and friends, and realise that no matter how old she is, she can still enjoy a happy relationship with a very special person. We are cheering for you Cher, keep up your wonderful work! You are our inspiration! As you, yourself, once said, “Living your life the way you want to live it is the most important thing so if you have to pay small prices along the way, it’s not important!” God bless ya!

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