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Cassandra Peterson (Elvira)

Written by Philip Garcia

Excessive, entertaining or just plain gorgeous whatever way you want to look at her, Virgo Cassandra Peterson, alias Elvira Mistress of the Dark is a one off lass when it come to the entertainment industry. Born in Kansas, she later moved to Colorado Springs with her family, and the very day after graduating drove all the way to Las Vegas to become a show girl. This is a lady who likes to live on the “edge”, no matter how absurd that “edge” might be, so since she had always wanted to be a showgirl Destiny waved her magic wand and Hey Presto, wish granted, after all she had the looks and the chutzpah. But her major morph into her the mega successful sub personality, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, was created with that Virgo will of steel and down to earth realism. It did not all happen at once of course. In the seventies she went to Italy and got spotted by Fellini who gave her part in his film “Roma”. She even became the lead singer of an Italian rock band. She later joined an improvisational troupe when she returned back home and built on the “California girl spiel” that was to become a major anchor to her Elvira presentation.

To see a “dark” lady talk “Californian Beach Babe” was absolutely hilarious.O n the way up the ladder Cassandra also posed nude for a few men’s magazines, being such an all American beauty and all. In fact a total contrast to her sub persona, Elvira Mistress of the dark, Cassandra is as blonde as Elvira is brunette, as peaches and cream, as Elvira is white skinned, and Gothic. It has to be said, Cassandra’s “Elvira Mistress of the dark” literally cascades on to shows in a figure hugging black gown, her cleavage plummeting to her navel, her black hair back combed into a six inch bee hive! Her glib asides and off beat comments were all the rage on popular late night shows, when she would preen in front of Jay Leno, David Letterman or some other such host, spouting so called “dark” absurdities. Petersen once said of her sub personality “I figured out that Elvira is me when I was a teenager. She’s a spastic girl I just say what I feel and people seem to enjoy it”. She is indeed magic, with all that self mockery, and off hand delivery.

Interestingly her Moon in Aries will always keep her on top of her art. She is deeply curious about the human psyche; intense in her exploration of it, paying attention to detail is fundamental when it comes to her performance also. She will always be ready to experiment with something, the more outrageous the better, the more challenging the more fun. Elvira’s persona is an exact and precise interpretation. Cassandra would have studied the phantomatic inner world of her Mistress of the Dark down to the finest details, so that the persona came over as 100 percent credible and 100 percent hilarious. Mr. Mercury also in Virgo wants her spot on with that creative flair of hers, it is so fundamental to the success of her act, to shine Cassandra has placed her off beat take on reality well before her love life, with Venus in Virgo she would be rather inclined to put long term relationships on the back burner, she needs to feel free and in command of her own destiny, and when love comes her way she is inclined to analyse it to dust before she takes the plunge. She is a free spirit and has such a strong personality it would be really difficult to mix and merge with her, as she would always want to do it “her way”. This is due to her determined Mars in Leo, and a rather stroppy attitude to obstacles blocking her way.

She is a lady who sure knows the score, as again Mr. Mars in Leo would be generous and gift her with the energy, the charisma and the determination to bring her dream into reality. Her “Elvira Cult” has been transformed into Halloween costumes, comics, toys, perfumes, dolls, quite an industry. In fact a film based on her persona, called Elvira, Mistress of the Dark was released to the delight of her fans! But the cream on this lady’s cake is her Jupiter in Aries; it will have given her the energy to really go for it, and touch the stars, to cut through to the chase, above and beyond her own misgivings or anyone else’s and just keep going, until she gets to the very top of the mountain. Of course we would not go so far as to call her a “myth in her own time” but certainly “fun in her own time”. As far as this year is concerned, there is not much change to all the unexpected events that continue to crop up around her. More talk shows, more meetings, more crazy times and maybe some activities involved with her beloved artistic ventures, or musical exploits.

As beautiful as she is we do not see a companion coming into her life soon, maybe because she is okay just as she is. Certainly she is a one off creation, Cassandra or Elvira; it cannot be denied she is an entertaining dame, and let it be said a great buddy to her mates, especially when she quits telling them what to do! A great gal in other words, “Dark” or “Light”, she fascinates us, and we will continue to keep abreast of her shenanigans, whatever and wherever they may be!


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