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Written by Philip Garcia

How can anyone try to understand someone who can’t understand herself? Astrologers can at least try to scratch the surface and glimpse into what it is that may trigger Britney Spear’s extremist behaviour and radical actions. Why, for instance, is she unable to stay on one course very long?

With the Sun, Mercury and Uranus all close in Sagittarius, for Britney there is just no curbing her restless, hyper-active side. She needs to be constantly on the move in a life that is punctuated by bizarre change and upheaval.

It will have been her Sagittarius impulsiveness that led to her wedding in 2004 that lasted 55 hours, ending with an annulment and her Sagittarius desire for spiritual growth that led to her involvement in a Kabbalah Centre. With Jupiter in Scorpio, she will be fascinated with the mysteries of life. Sagittarius forever searches and rarely stays put; she publicly left the religion in 2006. Britney’s divorce from her second marriage was finalised in July 2007.

Making plans for the future and committing to anything can be a nightmare for someone with such a strong desire for freedom and independence as Britney. What’s more, there is a lot going on in a very small area of her chart with many planets clustered together, for instance the Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune all in her third house of communication.

This can all be fantastic, exciting and exhilarating for her during those years when transits make positive links to her birth planets, one after another. But not so much fun during those phases when transits are stressful triggering her erratic, excitable and changeable side.


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So life is fast, furious, fun and invigorating on the one hand but like an out of control whirlwind at other times for this multi-faceted singer. Because, remember, when Britney undergoes tense aspects, it’s not just one planet that will be affected, but all those that are close to it and all often very quickly.

Britney’s life is exciting and she has a lot of positive qualities. Mercury in Sagittarius highlights Britney’s open-minded nature. She loves a challenge and has energy, talent and sex appeal that fascinate young girls, teenagers and an older audience. Here’s someone with the X factor, that special quality that fascinates people. So where’s the problem? Her dilemma is: she just can’t seem to stay on the one course long enough to make anything stick. When either her own behaviour or circumstances just seem to grab her and fling Britney in the opposite direction to the one she wants to go in. She is versatile, she is clever and she will find a way through her current problems because as restless and rebellious as she may be, Britney can also be determined.

For a wee while longer there will be confusion and trying to find the source of all her problems will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. What Britney needs to do now is put the past behind her and look on the future as a blank page. She can never escape her past but she does not have to let it haunt her forever. Over the months ahead Britney will be determined to take responsibility for herself and her actions. If she can grasp and hold onto the restraint and self-control shown by Mars in Virgo, it could well be that the worst of this current negative phase is over, and the months ahead will bring the respite she needs to recharge her emotional, physical and spiritual energies.

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