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Anne Robinson

Written by Philip Garcia

Hard to imagine that Queen of Mean, “You are the weakest link, goodbye” Anne Robinson looked like a pin up in her youth, with well-distributed curves, lovely skin; smiling eyes, flame red hair.

Hard to imagine that Queen of Mean, “You are the weakest link, goodbye” Anne Robinson looked like a pin up in her youth, with well-distributed curves, lovely skin; smiling eyes, flame red hair. She was a war baby, born on 26 September 1944 certainly no shy pussycat but a rather baseline Libran pessimist, yes they can be when those scales start to tip. These days she has built her fame on a stroppy personality and an inclination to express. Dogmatic opinions. She is a doll like 5 foot 1 inch tall, but has a larger than life persona that excels on her international hit “The Weakest Link”. Jupiter in Virgo would have made her life an archetypal success story; she has literally skills and a gift of self-expression just right for the journalistic field. She was the classic junior reporter who fell in love with the boss, subsequently married the boss, and to cap it got the scoop, e.g. the Brian Epstein story, just shortly after he committed suicide. She picked up a relative of Mr Epstein’s who had just missed a taxi at Euston station. Another scoop of hers was spotting that Diana Princess of Wales suffered from an eating disorder. Would you be surprised to know that Anne seeks romantic love, and will have swept both her husbands off their feet with her charms, her quick repartee, and base line loving? Certainly she will have also disconcerted them with some emotional shut downs and chronic self-absorption, due to unresolved childhood issues. She is of basic Irish stock; her dad was a teacher, her mum a businesswoman, so no apparent conflict there. But notwithstanding all her success, it is evident Ann suffers from severe stress. Saturn in Cancer will prod her into self-doubt, extreme sensitivity and lack of confidence. She admits a drinking problem, has been banned from driving for speeding, has had relationship problems, culminating in a difficult divorce, and wrote disparagingly about herself as an alcoholic mum in “Memoirs of an unfit mother!” She has also been at loggerheads with show biz folks such as Ben Elton, and believe it or not “the Welsh people!!” who she panned and later apologised to. It seems she likes controversy, or at least finds it impossible to stand back from. Blame it all on heavy handed Prof Saturn, who is trying to teach her how to curb self excess. Anne feels consistently held back, misunderstood and undervalued, notwithstanding her obvious achievements. She is indeed simmering with self-blame, inclined to project her inner perceptions onto life; so being the powerful woman she is, the chaos manifests in the form of controversy, and subsequent guilt. Mercury in Virgo will make her an intellectual, a woman with a fine brain, who uses it to take care of her money, in 2006 the Sunday Times named her as one of the UK ’s richest ladies worth some $45 million in her vaults. But we will let you into a secret, Anne Robinson is really a “chip off the old block”, an incredibly nice woman, someone who yearns for the warmth of human fellowship, and regrets not having as much of it in her life as she would like. Her Mars in Libra will make her yearn for balance and harmony in all her relationships, and even present a more polished way of being in the world. And notwithstanding all the controversy buzzing around her she will manage to distinguish herself in this direction eventually. Yes, her Libran scales are slightly skew whiff, but with a little push she can get them back into harmony. Since we have all cottoned on her mean persona in The Weakest Link is “just for the ratings” we sense that her latter years will be full of humor, self awareness, and happiness, and rather than the “weakest link” her life will become “the strongest link!” Her true lesson is to learn to love others, yes, to put them before herself, and once she can do that she will feel fulfilled. She will acknowledge that she has adored her daughter like every loving mother, and notwithstanding her “imperfections” Anne will learn her capacity to love others is greater than her capacity to dislike herself. She is profoundly kind, generous, and one who understands suffering donating to charity behind closed doors. She needs to look after her well-being, perhaps get some alternative health therapy like hands on healing. Over the next few years she will heighten her view of life into a less personal one. Yet she is a special soul who is being prodded by Mr. Saturn and Mrs. Venus to love herself before she can let all her gifts let rip. This year she could plan or write another book. She will be transforming her perceptions and making an effort to help others even more. She will find new streams of creativity and use them for creative outlets. Anne is fundamentally a distinguished, gracious lady, the only person who needs to recognise that fact is Anne Robinson herself. God bless you Anne!

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