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Anne Hathaway

Written by Philip Garcia

Who is Anne Hathaway anyway? It seems as if we have always known her, so why is she an enigma? After all, she is that stunning office beauty, who turns the boss’s head.

Who is Anne Hathaway anyway? It seems as if we have always known her, so why is she an enigma? After all, she is that stunning office beauty, who turns the boss’s head. The stylish girl slinging her handbag down Main Street with enviable aplomb. The loyal friend, difficult to be green with envy about, even though incredibly good looking! Very much like the character we all knew and loved in “The Devil Wears Prada”. Yes, Anne’s “nine on the Richter scale” acting talent seems to come so easy, but little do we know such flair has been honed down with sweat and tears. Underneath that beguiling exterior this maiden rocks! Sun in Scorpio means hard work is her second name, Mercury conjunct Jupiter belies an above average intelligence, not Albert Einstein level, but near enough. She could have become a brain surgeon, a nuclear physicist, even a spiritual healer, we do not exaggerate. Do not be fooled by the doe eyed gaze, that creamy skin, those oriental outfits, so Libran moon, she will never reveal she is a rocker, not now anyway, even though her “leather jacketed” alter ego speeds up and down Grand Canyon on a Harley Davidson! Her sun in Scorpio is a result of many incarnations on this planet you see, she “knows” things. Yes, even though Anne manifests fascinating interpretations not only in art, but also in life, the homegrown Anne is hard to get to know. Always will be. Some might find it “way out” to think she conducts her own orchestra, that her make up team eats out of her hand, that her dress code stuns the “fashionistas”, that her publicity is conducted by family members or trusted beings. She lets people “think” they know it all, when she knows it better. Joking aside, what seemed like childish pranks to her mom, have now melted away to reveal one of the most attuned young comedic actresses of our time. This year Ms Hathaway is turning a corner, letting go of the past, her look will change, her demeanour could become sultry, she will present different roles of a challenging nature. She is kind yes, but she does not undervalue the power of the “steel hand in glove”, not anymore. She has learnt some interesting life lessons; they will stand her in good stead. Past relationship tests have cracked open her egg of fixed ideas, and how the world “should” be at last. She has graduated in human experience and maturity, a fascinating new role could thus drop into her lap. Something she can really get her teeth into. Mars’s feisty influence will press her to reach out for unique opportunities. Creativity, creativity, creativity will be her mantra. She could start up her own fashion outlet or write her autobiography. This time next year we might not recognise Anne Hathaway. She will have edged her way out of the “girl next door/Princess” with a striking cameo that proves to be one of her best performances. Anne, so simply passionate, delicately stubborn, a wonderful mix of Scorpionic intensity and sweetly exotic Libran moon, is a riddle, second only to the Mona Lisa. Have you noticed that enigmatic smile? A woman with more than one surprise up her sleeve indeed. Anne Hathaway’s alter ego is waiting on the sidelines! Grand Canyon here we come!

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