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Ampika Pickston – Real Housewives of Cheshire

Written by Philip Garcia

Not Many People Know That
As Michael Caine said “Not many people know that!” In fact not many people know that a handful of ITV producers actually knew what they were doing when they asked Ampika Pickston to join the six women “Real Housewives of Cheshire” reality show! The stunning Malika filled up that small screen more than aware what her megawatt, smile could do to her fans!

You see, when Ampika walks across a room she drags her aura behind her. Yes, Ampika’s personality always comes first! Why? Well, because she is a total one off; In fact it might be hard to fit Ampika Pickston, the super star Leo, who looks a million dollars in glittery ball gowns and big hair, on to one page. The fact that she”….got married to Mark Pickston, 54, a multi-millionaire businessman and lived an enormous mansion in Hale, Cheshire, makes her more than unusually“Larger than Life” for a British girl!

She told the Mail

“At the end of the day…..if you’re a good-looking girl, you’ve got the options.
“If a guy comes along and says he is happy to look after you, and he will give you this fabulous lifestyle, if you want to engage in that, then what is the harm?“

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries, Venus in Leo!
Ahhh Ampika, we get your philosophy, we also get that your big decolte might hide a confused heart. More about that later. But seriously, let us into your real secret will ya? Nope you say? Well never mind, we have discovered what it is anyway and you need to wait for the drum roll here folks! It is Sun in Leo, Moon in Aries and Venus in Leo!


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Anyone with that particular astro combo will reach the top of the pile at a very early age! We would say about two, when Ampika was everyone’s favourite toddler at the tea party, the kind of pretty kiddo who would stamp her foot to the word “No!”

She expects to be treated like a queen now too, well at least twenty four seven, even if those “Me, Me, Me” characteristics do not make her oblivious to kindness and generosity. She is magnanimous, and will help out a mate but she gets a tad bored by the dots on the “I’s!” So don’t get picky with Ampika, even if she loves you, and would do anything for you she hates small minded nags.

Ampika expects total control, she wants everything and everyone in place, that means when she grabs for her eyeliner, it really IS in her make up bag, and has not rolled under the couch! She will probably blame the maid for its “disappearance!” But five minutes later, once said eye liner is found under said couch, said maid will be given extra money for shopping and probably kissed amidst a few “Sorries!” Ampika forgives easily; she also ensures she is in charge of quite a few people who work hard for her.

Ampika was raised by dad. He would have noted that “Strike Out On Your Own “tendency at a mere two, and then when she was eighteen when she left home to yes, “Strike Out On Her Own!” In fact she is still “striking out on her own” most days of the week! She also “struck out on her own” during her marriage to the very rich Mark Pickston! When it folded she just plastered plum coloured lipstick on to her gorgeous lips, and got on with life.

She Hates Shining Shoes
The trouble is her Venus in Leo you see. She hates housekeeping, and she hates being asked to shine someone’s shoes, which can make life a tad challenging in a couple relationship. Everyone wants their shoes shined now and then. But basically it was that flirtations nature, even if innocent, that would have rained on her marriage parade. In her view all she was doing was asking to be comforted even when she had a splitting headache no makeup, and acted up a storm. In other words, not being treated like a queen in all weathers and conditions could have been rather upsetting to our lovely friend’s wellbeing! Ooophs.

Where’s Me Ball Gown?
Never mind, kind astro combos ensured she got over the split from Mark pretty quick. In fact she would have been out showing off before you could say “Where’s me ball gown?” In fact she would have set herself up in business, and done very well indeed thank you very much! She runs her own business, and is glad of it!
Life has to be fun; one has to shine through the dark and shine our lovely Ampika does. How does she do it? Well, with the help of Jupiter in Libra of course? That astro combo ensures being a definitive go getting celebrity is written in her stars. This means our favourite gal is into super fame, super beauty, as well as super harmony and super balance. It also means she has lucky breaks galore! Other people could envy her that fact and wonder why someone who tends to go all “Drama Queen”, rushing in where angels fear to tread, still shows up a winner?

Not Just About Beauty Also About the Beast
Well may be because Ampika secretly knows shadows lurk in the sun and life being can be pretty ugly. That is why fame is a comforter, money is a soother, and safety is a necessity! We suspect Ampika also knows that being on this earth is not just about beauty, it is also about the beast. The smooth skin turns into wrinkles, one is not always young, rarely always slim and even more rarely always rich. Jupiter in Libra will make sure she knows that “Michael Caine Style”.
But there is another secret to reveal about Ampika. Her Saturn in Libra. This means emotional intimacy will be hard for her, and she could feel she is always the bridesmaid and never the bride! Deep down she feels unworthy. For all her “showmanship” she is a lonely little girl without her mum and dad besides her. She recently admitted her family had disowned her.

One Lovely Girl
She told The Mirror “I haven’t spoken to my mum for many years and I have had a very strange relationship with my father for most of my life so we have decided to Part Company!”
Perhaps she is afraid of staring out the window at the rain; perhaps she is secretly terrified of not being wanted. That is why at some point in time, around about two years of age, the lovely little Ampika decided to win no matter how much her tiny child like heart hurt. That is why she is secretly generous, and empathetic, and wants to help others, wants to see them happy.
She is in short one lovely kind girl, larger than life yes, super gorgeous yes, a true, rather loud go getter, but she has a fiery heart of gold, and as the years unfold it will warm the lives of many! In fact as Michael Caine said “Not Many People Know That!”

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