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America Ferrera

Written by Philip Garcia

America Ferrera is a fiery, passionate and bubbly Aries, with miraculous curves, glossy dark hair, startling big brown eyes, and that open hearted smile. She is a delight to goggle at on the red carpet, being somewhat of an original when you compare her to the skinnier babes lining up at the Oscars and Golden Globes.

America Ferrera is a fiery, passionate and bubbly Aries, with miraculous curves, glossy dark hair, startling big brown eyes, and that open hearted smile. She is a delight to goggle at on the red carpet, being somewhat of an original when you compare her to the skinnier babes lining up at the Oscars and Golden Globes. Obviously her “smash hit” role in Ugly Betty is “chalk to her cheese”, that role being totally the opposite of her in terms of sex appeal, vibrancy and sheer chutzpah. The fact is America always “walks her talk”, happy to strive to reach her aims in life. The youngest of six children, her parents were Honduran emigrants; it could not have been easy growing up in a Jewish area of Los Angeles nevertheless. To make things even more challenging, her mother divorced her dad and raised her and her siblings alone, always stressing the importance of a good education to overcome the hardships of life. America once said “Am I Latin? Am I American? What the hell am I? I love my culture and I’m very proud of my culture.” And her culture made her an extrovert, a fiery go getter. Because the fact is America always knew she wanted, and it was to be a show biz person. As young as seven years of age she landed a small part in Hamlet. She felt herself vibrate in tune with the excitement of performing as a child, and could not step back from the plate, but embarked on a kind of mission to fulfill her dreams. Her mama was not happy about her choice of career; mama thought acting would be a hard profession, and America would not fulfill her talent. But America pushed through the obstacles nonetheless, and soon found a role on the Disney channel. She landed Ugly Betty in 2006, and has not looked back. She has won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and more as a result of that casting. She describes getting made up as Ugly Betty as a “Bettification” because she literally transforms physically. It is clear her talent carries her through her identification with Betty, the girl everyone finds unattractive. We ladies know about the “l look a wreck” syndrome, and America faces it every day on set. Time magazine chose her as one of the ten top performers in the world to make up for hour after excruciating hour in makeup. So how did she do it? What is it about America that makes her so mind-blowingly determined, so optimistic so focused? Well she has a great immune system, seriously, it takes adaptable, strong energy to keep pushing for what you want in life, and America finds that side of things easy peasy; she has that well ensconced survival gene remember?. Mercury in Taurus makes her earthy, a plodder, and ready to take small steps at a time to reach desired outcomes. In fact, those cute feet of hers are currently planted firmly on the ground. She will pay attention to the arts, and any recent creative endeavors she wants to be part of, even an artistic avant garde project will interest her to some degree. She is liked by all, after all she has that lovely bubbly vibe, but don’t mess with her, she will snap your head off! Venus in Aries will make her want to fall in love with an orchestra playing in the background, she will appreciate bunches of red roses and chocolates. She wants her love life to vibrate with tangos, anticipation and excitement. Grande Passion is what our America aims for. She will shower her husband Ryan Williams with kisses, and not hang about playing games either, she will be direct and demonstrative, and make sure they know she cares. Being alone is not her thing. Her husband would have to be around to make her feel a whole lot of woman! She has a warm nature, she needs cuddles! Venus in Scorpio will tune in with that aforementioned “fight against all odds” gene that is so useful in show biz circles, where the faint hearted end up carrying the golf balls. She “needs” to be in public view, she wants the adulation, and she is not afraid to say so. She has that rather “over sensitive” actressy part to her character on occasions, which could mean a little bit of a temper tantrum on set on the odd occasion. But she pulls herself together and picks up the tab like a true blue professional, so nobody will have it in for her for long. She is young after all. Jupiter in Capricorn will always pull it together for her, providing her with a work ethic and determination to stay the course with integrity. No mucking about for America Ferrera. Financially she will do well for herself and her family and friends will share her good fortune. If she can help anyone out she will only be too pleased to do so, she wants to contribute to others’ lives, and she has an idealistic perception of family and friends. With her node in Gemini she has to be careful not to put her foot in her mouth on occasions. To hold back from saying things faster than she thinks them. She has to be prepared to learn the art of diplomacy and ponder wisely on what other people mean, before jumping to conclusions or fast retorts. She is an astonishing young actress, but although she has hit the big time, she still has a lot to learn, and she would be the first to tell you that. Whatever she says, you can be sure she says it is with warmth and sincerity and you will always totally believe her. Especially when those big brown “eyes” fill with tears. We wonder whether America made a few risky investments, because it looks like over the next year she will be moving her money around, trying to find the right outlet for more profit. Next year will be more of a year for sorting things out from baseline when it comes to her economics and investments. Someone will help her through changes, and she will find the cooperation helps her to win through odds. Her career will continue to be remarkable with a well appointed Mars dishing out the energy to push her through fiery hoops. She has a lot to look forwards to and so do we. She will continue to entertain, make us laugh and fascinate us. She is an original, a true star in her own ” young” right.

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