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Elizabeth Banks

Written by Philip Garcia

That song “She must have been a beautiful baby, she must have been a beautiful child!” describes Elizabeth Banks to a tee!

That song “She must have been a beautiful baby, she must have been a beautiful child!” describes Elizabeth Banks to a tee! She is kind, very cute and friendly due to that soft moon in Libra; we will talk about her Aquarian sun sign’s dreams for the betterment of humanity further down the page. She is naturally reasonable, unbiased, and sensible. One can count on Elizabeth Banks. So what gives? Can somebody really be so stable in a show biz environment where bitchiness and rampant competition is part of the deal? The average babe certainly needs “tough cookie” tendencies to get ahead in Hollywood. So how come this comparatively fresh faced actress manages to make such an impression? Well, people love her, plain and simple, she has this capacity to charm; her sane ways are refreshing in an environment full of starlets clambering over each other to get their slice of the cake. She does not brag, or “blah”, she holds her tongue and gets on with it. Her roles which included the horror “The Uninvited” thrill the public’s imagination, and one senses she will continue to buzz in the show biz stratosphere for a while to come. The fact is a well-placed Jupiter helps, Jupiter being the planet of luck and abundance! Elizabeth Banks has landed some unusual parts in the process of artistic maturation too, including ongoing appearances in Scrubs for 13 episodes as Dr Kim Briggs, a harrowing episode of the Law and Order Special Victims Unit, and Spider-Man 2; whatever she does her performances are magnetic and the impression long lasting. That idealistic “I am everyone’s friend” water carrier charisma pervades all around her, it makes us want to know more. Mercury in Pisces gifts her a humorous take on life; she is a David Letterman fan, David Letterman of “Late Night” fame. He makes her scream with laughter and anyone who does this is her buddy for life. A sense of the ridiculous espouses her broad-minded views. She does not hold back saying what she thinks when it comes to the ills of humanity. She is not fragile, is unafraid of decision-making, refuses to get stuck into small print and vibrates with natural humility due to that soft Piscean moon. Elizabeth Banks will steer her way through obstacle races that would make a marine reach for his mineral water too. Add to that her “almost too good to be true” Venus in Capricorn makes sure she is sensible when it comes to friendship, downright prudent when it comes to love. She wants levelheaded, judicious people around her, not flakes! She likes a man who has a firm grip. She is said to have changed her religion when she married, so once she loves you it is for life eternal with no compromising. She will not throw a temper fit unless severely pushed, but she will get disheartened. At those times she goes within, ready to meet challenging moments alone, moments that leave her feeling “there is no point” to anything much. She always comes out of the melancholy that guides her to “comprehending” the bleaker aspects of life with more energy. We sense angels are very close to her at those times. The good news is that her bright Jupiter in Aquarius will press her “eastern philosophies button”, she will have a tendency to see humanities’ greater purpose, above and beyond the nastiness. She has faith, she realises we must brave the elements, defy narrow mindedness and oppose what is bad. She might have contact with alternative healers, new age gurus, UFOS or just meditate. That strong Aquarian influence will enable her to detach from difficult, even sinister roles that are so contrary to her true nature. Nothing can dim her light because Mr Mercury in Pisces will click his winged slippers and uplift her giving her a capacity to “mix and match” emotions and moods and sense the complexities of human feeling. This year will see Elizabeth Banks paying a lot of attention to her relationship; she will be making life good, putting energy into closeness and clarity with her husband. She will still concentrate on her career, perfecting her craft and making things work. A Destiny-ordained role will slip into her hands at some stage soon, and it will be just right for her, she will shine in it. Elizabeth ‘s films will still remain on our list of beautiful things to see, mainly because of her talent and complexity as an actor! She is certainly a lady to watch!

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