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Derren Litton

Written by Philip Garcia

Some people might say Derren Litton has a stock of magical pens that scribble down his fun wisecracks, others say his guardian angel whispers comedic turns of phrase into his ear, be that as it may the guy is a comedic genius!

Saggy Derren Litten born on 21 December 1970 is a British treasure Sagittarius style, the creative responsible for inspiring the laughs on “The Catherine Tate Show”, “Perfect World”, “French and Saunders”, and “Pie in the Sky.” If his genius quips were not enough, his “ever so” nutty sitcom “Benidorm “won awards for best comedy.

One could describe the man as a “Vintage Brit” he studied at the Central School of Speech and drama, and even showed up in some of his own shows in the guise of an actor, which would not have been hard for him. So what gives with those magic pens, that angel and the astro?

Well, Derren is not only a Saggy, which will make him the ultimate wisecracking card, he has a moon in Libra which gifts him with a tendency to attract angels galore but still keep feet on the ground. This astro combo ensures the man is charming and friendly, somewhat heavenly definitely, a guy who stuns with classy charisma.

Secretly Derren is on a “fire sign mission”, his karma is about creating the very best he can with whatever he has at his disposition, which in his case is a pile of talent. His main thrust is universal affability, and great interpersonal connections. His popularity amongst colleagues and show biz big shots is a result of being “outwardly” as cool as a cucumber and deeply air sign moon charming.


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“Ah come on” you might say, “Surely Derren is not that perfect? There must be more to this chappie than meets the eye?” and there is, it is called”Venus in Scorpio” which means that under all that “hail fellow well met!” this man is weighing you up, and probably cutting you down to size.

Derren’s Scorpionic perceptions enhance his literacy gift in that he digs deep in to his characters, Venus has also gifted him with a super magnetic vibe. You might even fall in love with him, and if you do, you might be afraid to tell him. He is passionate, so prone to extremes. He likes you or he doesn’t like you. If he does like you, he will probably pick up your thoughts and recite them back to you. His intensity, his drive, his potential excess, could have made a rock star out of him, but instead he uses his creative gifts to intensify his literacy mojo!

With both Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio his personal firework display is intergalactic. He can charm, convince, stun and see right through you due to his “old soul personal power”. He is very attractive, and sometimes intimidating. Try and work him out will ya? But don’t run complaining to us if what you discovered made you realize everything the Dalai Lama says about old souls reincarnating over to fulfil their karma is true, because this guy is fulfilling his.

One thing you can be sure of, he does not like hanging out with the crowd, he likes hanging out with himself, someone he can trust. In short, his inner world is a multi dimensional reality choc a block with magical thoughts, devastating insights and off the wall perceptions. He likes to experiment, he likes to transform. If you were his best friend he would lay his life on the line for you. He is so sensitive, one cruel word and he could fall apart but he would never tell you he is hurt, he would just cut you off.

Jupiter in Scorpio makes him a bloke to contend with, a bloke with huge chutzpah, and the energy of an internal combustion engine that works overtime to a literacy tune. He would loathe to stand out, to be pointed out, to be noticed, he prefers a “second in command” sort of position, One might think what a waste, considering this giant of a man stands out from the crowd, but Derren wants it that way, and what Derren wants he gets!

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