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Denise Black

Written by Philip Garcia

Denise Black is not really black she is multi coloured. She also has a variety of strings to her bows, some of them highly resonant. We have Denise studying psychology at London University, travelling the world, and joining up with Josie Lawrence and Kate McKenzie to play “La Pasionaria” at the Newcastle Playhouse. We have Denise doing “Coronation Street”, ”Queer as Folk”, “Emmerdale”, and joining Julian Clary on stage, as well as playing her band at the Edinburgh Festival. Add on a performance in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, plus the fact she is the mother of two and one can only say “Phew, anything else up for grabs Denise?” Well yes, actually there is, she was carjacked in South Africa, threatened with death, and not only lived to tell the tale, but told “Good Morning Television” she would devote the rest of her life to comedy! Denise are you hyper active or something? You certainly are courageous. By the way Denise is ALSO happily married to Paul Sand, who sings with her band “The Loose Screw!”

Surprise, surprise Denise is a Pisces, with Moon in Aquarius, definitely a “Hail Fellow Well Met” type of dame, certainly “nail on the head” clever and ever so enigmatic when she is in the mood. Life has to be lived 110 percent in her book, but with intuitive overtones. Denise makes her dreams come true by linking in with others, her work entails putting heads together for creative solutions, solutions that “explain” the human condition; she is on a mission to communicate humanity’s foibles. wonders, horrors and truths to the universe..

At this point we would like to clarify our “Various Fishes in the sea” theory. Some are plain haddocks; others are prized angel fish, like Denise. In other words, she is a Piscean angel fish come to earth to have as many exciting experiences as humanly possible. She amalgamates, she merges. She is a multi faceted water sign realist, if that is possible, who seeks communion with the universe through her music and artistic flare.

Her Jupiter placement is in Scorpio, so rustle up the cheering crowds and doting audiences, this lady is not for burning! Watch her walk into a room and galvanize attention, with that huge aura, that resonant voice, those jokey asides and all that fascinating conversation. Her gargantuan energy has to go somewhere; so it explodes with talent, the kind of talent that digd its heels in for exactly the right stage lighting, no compromises when it comes to her art, no fiddly tiddly. If you cross this lady, she might spend the rest of her life ignoring you, depending on how bright you are, how real you are, and how much she cares about you.

If you are not into arguments, don’t get into one with Denise Black. With Mercury in Aries, she will pull out all the stops to win, and usually does. She has “fired up” by ideas, and tends to knock people off their perches with her ability to make a “silk purse out of their sow’s ear!” She does not waste time “mulling” she delivers a punch line to the quick, and if you don’t like what you hear, blame it on her Mr. M.


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This is a woman who has enough creative momentum in her little finger to get a movement on the march. She will of course be in the first line, waving a banner! Add on her Aries Mercury and the deal is done. She is constantly waiting for the curtain to lift, the gates to open, and the song to be sung. She wants things to “get going” In fact, one of her ideas can move mountains, She will not give up and is regularly frustrated with slow people who to her mind, hold back the creative pulse!

Saturn in Sagittarius means that she is in for some exciting times over the next couple of years. Watch out for the ever transforming Denise Black, the Angel fish who will discover that life is not just about rushing around doing something amazing, but taking responsibility for her home turf, and paying attention to a changing situation within it, kids leaving home, refurbishment of house or move. The Saturn Saggy placement has earned her a stellar reputation; she is Ms Wonderwoman, the girl who is always moving on to create something new. In fact, as all her planets whirl in a vortex of ability, intelligence and originality she remains a natural! If given a chance she would turn the world on its ear!

So “What is it about your halo Denise? we asked

“It’s only one more thing to keep clean.” she told us. So work that one out! That is our story and we are sticking to it!.

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