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Dawn Ward

Written by Philip Garcia

She might have sung “Who wants to be a millionaire? I do!“when she was in nappies, even so, the Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question has not been answered yet. So is Cancerian Dawn Ward a “Real Cheshire Housewife” or just a lookalike? Well, with her stunning astro combo this lady understands the Italian Concept of “Bella Figura!” and does that “luxurious thing” like a pro, which helps!

She told the Mirror “I’ve always wanted to make my own money. As a little girl, I’d look at ­magazines and think, ‘I want that – I want to be successful and have nice things.’ Nice then, to see she has fulfilled all her ambitions isn’t it?

Okay, you can be sure that this gal is more than a cover story, more than a St Tropez tan. Her footballer’s wife status might score top marks on the reality show “Real Cheshire Housewife”, but you can bet your bottom dollar this fabulous looking chick hides some impressive astro surprises up her Valentino sleeves.

She and hubby, handsome ex footballer Ashley Ward, are convinced they don’t need to impress anyone. She told the Mirror “I don’t need to prove myself ….. You’ll always get people stereotyping you.”

So what gives with her stereo-typical Sun sign in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius then? Harmony, that is what gives. It means that she is not a hair brain, definitely not a nervous gal, and likes fun twenty four seven, in other words she expresses the more gifted aspects of her personality full on throttle. She is in short a gorgeous person, no two ways about it.


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The envious will scream but “That ain’t fair!” Well, it is folks, this lady has good karma, after a million lives suffering “The slings and arrow of outrageous fortune”, finally her soul decided to incarnate with “Silver Spoon in Mouth!” tendencies; the astro would say she deserved it, and she does.

“There must be something skew whiff in her planetary combo!” we hear you cry. Well, “umm”,” eerrrr”, “naaah!” Mercury in Cancer makes her a deeply compassionate person, she is sensitive. She thinks deep, well she gives the impression she does. She watches people, she ponders their decisions, and tries to see their point of view. She “feels” your soul with psychic overtones. She listens, and with big eyes too, taking in every single word you spew forth. To boot, Mercury in Cancer morphs her into an elephant, not one in the jungle or the drawing room, an elephant that does not forget. She will remember something you said on the 24th August 2000; it is carved into her brain synapses. She might take 100 years to decide what colour the new wall paper will be, but hey, when that shade is chosen, you can bet the outcome will be stunning. She has taste. She “remembers” how her Roman Villa looked in a past incarnation in Italy.

Still screaming “Not fair!”, still yelling “There must be something more to life than beauty, brains, money and sensitivity!” Well, we are sorry to say in this case we think not, especially with Venus in Leo. Yup! Indeedy! Venus in Leo means this gal is a sunflower everybody wants to pick. When she walks into a room in full on glam regalia, she is a lookalike for the most beautiful woman in the world!

“So what gives with love then, there must be a bit of a mishap there, nobody is that lucky!” we hear you weep desperately. Well, when it comes to love, hear us out, Venus in Leo does “Italian”, in other words “loud” and passionate, dare we say “hot” for her man. She is far more than a born again romantic; she wants her “Love Story”, again, and again, and again. She likes red roses from her beloved, poems left under her pillow, sexy smelling perfume on shirt lapels. She deserves it. Hubby Ashley will have cottoned on she does not do the track suit look though. She likes suits with a label. But if her beloved were to wear M and S Bermudas on the beach, she is too big hearted not to forgive, Venus sees to that.

When it comes to friends she does “different!” None of those dull nine to five folk in grey flannel shirts please. She wants hot, unusual and glamourous. Anyway, her life is a stage, and performance is the key. Venus in Leo will make her one warm hearted mama who cuddles her kids and spoils then rotten in private and public. But if one of her lovely daughters plays up, she will be on the case in a jiffy. She hates tantrums in super markets. She hates tantrums anywhere, unless they are her own.

Still peeved? Perhaps we should try and cooperate with your frustration and look at Dawn’s Jupiter in Aquarius then? Sorry, yet again, Jupiter has more than one claim to fame here! This lady shows up as cooperative!

“What?” you screech. Well, yes you heard us right, we said cooperative. She is also a natural entrepreneur; in fact that Aquarius vibe could have her considering spider traps as a way to make millions. She will look into the most unusual projects out there, you see, and without turning a hair. She admires inventive as a matter of course. Jupe in Aquarius will also see her interested in charities, she could have adopted children at a distance, she could be into inspiring networking programmes with a humanitarian stance.

We guess you are totally sickened at this stage of the proceedings. How can someone be so gorgeous, beautiful, nice, fun, and creative? It ain’t right! Well this woman can, and being a Housewife in Cheshire has little to do with it, her soul is a bright spark, and it would shine absolutely anywhere; even down the Hammersmith Palais even in a bright sequined gown down the high street. We rest our case.

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