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Craig Charles

Written by Philip Garcia

Read our lips Craig, not everyone can be a quick off the mark sharp shooter; some folks can be slow and pedantic! So give us a break OK? So is “The Man” ready to give us all a break, let’s see?

Gemini “Craig Charles”, Red Dwarf “Craig Charles”, Robot Wars “Craig Charles”. Coronation Street “Craig Charles”, Celebrity Jungle” Craig Charles, no Charles does not suffer from multiple personality syndrome, he is simply a case of “They seek him here they seek him there, but why worry our Craig is everywhere!”

Born on the 11th July 1964 Charles is a super talking act, a poet, TV presenter, DJ and professional bloke. Not only is he a laugh a minute, Charles is a “finger on the pulse” type of Gemini with his eye on multiple pies. A magical man with Mensa potential and a moon in Taurus, a dood who has long realized “It’s all in the mind and beyond the Matrix. ”

Charles is about quick repartee, about penetrating perception and above all about climbing that there career ladder to stellar success. This is a man who has long realized he is more than just an “Oomph” when it comes to cerebral matter! With his sun in his second house he likes his life thick with success, dense with thrills, and probably a tad vintage. Of course he sips vintage wine under an earthy moon in Taurus wouldn’t you know! In short, the guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; if he hadn’t been, he would have made it his business to be.

Charlie’s ascendant is in Aries, his Mars is in the Sixth House, so what does that mean we hear you cry? Well it means that Charlie will lie in a horizontal position for only two reasons, 1. sleep and 2. snore. Charles is a go out and get it, no holds barred, hyper kind of fellow. Charles also knows that choosing to live to the fullest might mean a few “ups and downs” along the way, and that sticking one’s head out could mean getting it lopped off.


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With Funk and Soul Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Nat King Cole to jig along to on his radio show, you might think trouble is “Water off a Duck’s Back” to that Charles fellow, but sometimes trouble hits hard even for “the hip”, and it did when he was in the jungle for “I’m a Celebrity and he heard that his adored brother died

He told the Daily Star: ‘Dean had left me a couple of messages, before I came in saying “Craig, how are you? Can we meet up?” and I’d kinda blanked him because I had too much going on.

‘I was shocked. I really broke down. He was only 52…..We were very, very close when we were growing up. We shared a bedroom and stuff like that.’

So what do the stars say about this guy’s hitches and heartaches? Well Craig’s Aries ascendant means no matter what happens nothing will hold him back; not drugs, not alcohol, not broken relationships, not even bad reviews. He will throw himself so ardently into some new projec it will catch fire, and even if he is emotionally challenged he will not give in. After all he has been here, there and everywhere, and got numerous tea shirts. In fact his astro continues to sparkle no matter what. Good old Mars in his sixth house sustains those upbeat choices even if he can be a slow learner with an “I get it now, but I did not get it then!” attitude; mainly due to that Jupiter in Virgo of course.

Jupiter in Virgo tells us that for all his verve and wit, Charles had to work mighty hard to hang on to success, and he tripped up more than once along the way. But like vintage wine, as Charles matures, Mr. Jupiter will get on better with his ways, and even senior citizen style luck will come in a decade or so, that is if he watches his P’s and Q’s.

Of course our fave chappy has gone over the edge now and then, what Gemini with an Aries ascendant hasn’t? True, he did hang out on the wrong side of town with a down beat dood or two, but it is also true he learned his lesson when he hit rock bottom as he had been destined to. Unsurpriingly, his four hour crack cocaine bender had his loving wife screaming “Enough! I’ve had enough!”

Jackie, Craig’s honey told the Mirror”I didn’t sleep all night, so when he crept in and pretended to be asleep downstairs, I was ready for him. I completely lost it and walloped him. He curled into a ball and just kept crying ‘sorry, sorry, and sorry’.”

Yes Craig is very sorry, but with Gemini in Venus he needs Jackie to ask the right questions, to push the right buttons, to hit the right spot. Craig needs stimulus to inspire feelings and moods, he wants loved ones to read him like a book if not he gets bored. In fact boredom is an ever waiting trap, it makes him shift in his shoes, and think strange thoughts.

Wife Jackie obviously has her work cut out, with that darned Saturn in Aquarius her Craig might be a tad too detached now and then, even have an “I’m alright Jack so stuff it, ” attitude on the odd occasion. But if truth be known Mr. S has come to teach Craig two basic life lessons, and one of them is tolerance, the other is patience.

With Craig’s well placed Venus in the second house you can bet your bottom dollar Craig’s future downs will morph into consistent ups. Perilous times might be global, but they won’t be down Craig’s neck of the woods, and we predict that in the near future and the far!

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