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Christian Bale

Written by Philip Garcia

Some might believe you cannot know this charismatic gentleman without being touched either positively or negatively. He once said that when he became successful the boys wanted to hit him and the girls wanted to marry him!

Who would believe that our “Mythic” Mr Christian Bale with his Aquarian sun sign and Moon in Aries is really a sensitive introvert. He certainly found it hard to deal with his new found Hollywood fame in small town Wales. A key word to describe his nature could be “insightful”. His capacity to become intimate with his characters is evidence of this. Yet this gifted actor, so attractively “controversial” is learning the karmic lesson of “cooperation”. Over the past months Christian Bale has been confused; his mind has been pulled this way and that by his Neptune placement. He might feel as if facts have been misinterpreted, as if people just have not understood him, as if they have even gone out of their way to upset or disturb his inner equilibrium. He knows he needs to evaluate his attitudes, especially since there will be an expansive influence shinning on his career, and his inclination to “over react” needs to be reined in. In fact so positive will that career influence be that Mr Bale could find his bank balance increasing in awesome amounts. His acting roles will continue to be intensely dramatic over the next couple of years and the public will forgive him any transgressions and continue to adore his stunning performances. Yet sometimes his sun in Aquarius, that open, “lets all be friends” attitude, will clash with a “blood red” Aries moon and he could say the wrong thing at the wrong time and still feel nobody really understands what he means,…ever.. The good news is that so attractive, charming and gifted is he, it will be hard for anyone to remain eternally offended. His willingness to let go of resentment for the benefit of the bigger picture smoothes over most rifts. Yet his capacity to press others’ buttons will remain and reactions towards him can be challenging. Some might believe you cannot know this charismatic gentleman without being touched either positively or negatively. He once said that when he became successful the boys wanted to hit him and the girls wanted to marry him! So, even though his Aries moon has a tendency to exaggerate the personal reactions of those around him, his sharp” airy” mind compensates as he is so much fun, has his finger on every pulse and can do almost anything he sets his mind to. His charismatic personna, and keen Aquarian mind makes it essential that Christian Bale keeps busy, concentrated and focused at all times. And this year of encouraging astro influences show exciting creative projects where he can use his workaholic tendencies to the max. At times, his need for domestic harmony could clash with “burning the midnight oil” at the studios; his personal emotions could even seem excessively fragile. He is inclined to idealise those he loves, and remains disconcerted when they fall off their pedestals, surprised when they draw a line under his expectations. A strong ongoing Mars influence could mean that he can become reactive, aggressive, even outrageous within a romantic involvement. He needs to feel fulfilled, get to the bottom of any emotion. There is something about the intensity of Mr. Bale’s nature that could draw him towards the metaphysical. His Plutonian search within the depths of the human soul certainly account for momentous expressive gifts. In autumn he could consider a move or a break, he will certainly need a rest. He will be working full on throughout the year and the challenges of his “unrestrained performing” will push him inwards. He could seek out “divine assessment” regarding his life path. He might consult a metaphysical teacher or mentor. As the intensity of the public eye continues to gaze upon him he certainly will be working hard at maintaining his inner equilibrium as this will be fundamental to his continued success. Christian Bale shows up as an original, an actor who will continue to rise in almost “mystical” creative potential within the next three years.

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