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Written by Philip Garcia

Mr. Cage is not the kind of guy who squeezes his toothpaste from the middle of the tube! His socks are lined up in color blends, his shirts hung plastic covers. Why? Moon in precise Virgo.

Nicholas Cage is not the kind of guy who squeezes his toothpaste from the middle of the tube! His socks are lined up in color blends, his shirts hung plastic covers. Why? Moon in precise Virgo. And how come that “feet on the ground” attitude is coupled with a capacity to dialogue “high philosophy” with the most enlightened sages of our generation? Our Capricorn Sun of course. It makes him reflective and perceptive. It also makes him certain of his life choices.

Mr. Cage certainly possesses awareness of “Soul” yet at the same time he is on a realistic creative mission, and is more than adept at getting what he wants. He could be compared to a bear sniffing out the honey when it come to defining the right projects for his talents! He is indeed a thorough Capricorn! He once said one had to have slight “criminal tendencies” to be an actor. What he meant was he knows how to delve into the dark side of human nature and get to the winning post because of his creative dexterity. Nicholas Cage has been handed his acting skills on a “genetic silver tray” if you like, his half Italian half German origins plus familial connections to the Coppola’s, made sure he used ingenious genes from an early age, when he was involved in teen creative projects. In fact, these days, to prove any character’s point he will spend hours in the gym, go on special research projects utilising much self analysis so that subterranean Pluto in Virgo can push him through those astonishingly profound performances.

Yes, Nicholas Cage is a touch excessive and he touches those OTT emotions in our hearts too! Nobody could have remained unmoved by his superb alcoholic on a death mission” in “Leaving Las Vegas”. In fact, nothing can stop him from achieving excellence other than those Virgo-type self critical tendencies. Yet Nicholas Cage is not really as complex as he sounds until it comes to romance! Initially, he will treat his beloved ones with simple “old world” courtesy. His attraction to Lisa Presley was a case in point; he idolised her so much that she got confused! Not confused enough to be oblivious to his “charismatic sensuality” which compensated for gloomy moments when he dives head first into his characters and forgets to leave them behind at the studio.

He has had a number of marital split ups due to his partners taking stock of his rather unique moods, need for isolation and periods of intense inner reflection. But when it comes to romantic love, Venus in Aquarius makes Nicholas Cage court the ladies with innovative verve. Bunches and bunches of red roses, extravagant knightly gestures etc. He is attracted to stunning ladies with whom he can have intense mental joisting bouts, ladies who have the capacity to intrigue him infinitely. Jupiter in Aries is “the cream on his cake” however, it lightens his mood and makes him prone to success and opportunity, as well as rip roaring laughing bouts especially at the highly ridiculous. But basically, he wants things clear; he wants things practical and feasible, with that Uranus in Virgo.

He likes to work like clockwork – confusion and inefficiency send him around the proverbial “bend”. Nicholas Cage is very much aware of the world’s environmental crisis. He will want to play an active role in pointing humanity towards the values of a clean earth (Capricorn/Virgo) and an understanding that we must all “do something” to save ourselves from possible extinction. He might even have visionary tendencies in this regard. Why? Neptune in Scorpio of course, and at some point make tough decisions about where he wants to invest his money and his talents and how to use them to fulfill his mission.


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Soon Nicholas Cage will start a new life cycle, and write the next chapter of his “Book of Life”. More creative projects are on the cards, but he will also want to concentrate on a direction, which could lead to astounding his audience or becoming a unique presence on the world stage. Nicholas Cage is “big fry”, a wonderful, complex individual, whose precise, flawless performances will lead him on to even greater achievement. His strategic vision will be tops, he will find the right collaboration for a new project and he will feel exceptionally solid within over the next month or so. One could say, he will soon be preparing the groundwork for a very different way of performing, loving and working. So watch this space!

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