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Dolly Parton – Celebrity Astro Predictions

Written by Philip Garcia

Dolly Parton is the queen of country music, right up there with Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn, her sweet voice quavering its way into our hearts and souls.

Dolly Parton is the queen of country music, right up there with Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn, her sweet voice quavering its way into our hearts and souls. Her oldie world style of presentation, does not detract from that vocal magic, she is one who can hit the high C’s without a worry on her face. A child warbler once, she is a legend in her own time now, an archetypal success story. This dirt poor Tennessee girl, with eleven brothers and sisters and three illegitimate siblings on her father’s side, was a peaches and cream girl next door, who met her boyfriend in the Laundromat when she was eighteen and married him at twenty. She learnt to play piano, harp, banjo, guitar and penny whistle in the meantime. Dolly Parton composed her first song at the age of four, some might say the words “child genius” could be applicable to her. Her husband would not necessarily agree, he never cared about her massive success and musical talent. He has rarely seen her perform and refers to her as “little lady”. So what is it about this petite buxom blonde that sets us all alight? Other than the fact that she is a Grammy award winning phenomena, a gifted actress, composer and philanthropist who has been entertaining us all for 44 years, nothing much. Well surprise surprise, our Dolly is a hard headed Capricorn. Able to detach from the tumultuous tribulations of life tests, and keep going towards that winning post with a stamina that would make you and I reach for the crème de menthe. Time and time again her sentimental crooning, unfashionably voluptuous figure and quaint style have galvanised our attention. She would make Ms Chanel, the renowned Parisian fashion designer turn in her grave. I mean those short skirts those tight sweaters. “One can never be thin or rich enough!” would apply to Dolly Parton if you scratched out the word “thin”, however there is a lot of “rich” to her. Her love songs have sold millions of copies worldwide, somehow she manages to hit the nail on the head when it comes to empathic vocal communication. Some of her hits are; “9 to 5” “Coat of Many Colours” “Jolene” “Just because I am a woman”, and more. Great vocalists such as Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, and Olivia Newton John have covered her numbers with gusto. Dolly Parton had two Oscar nominations for “Traveling through” and “Transamerica” as an actress too. Too much? Okay again, what gives with this cutie pie, this southern “butter would not melt in her mouth, belle of the ball”. Clearly she is one sharp lady with a fun, rather unrefined sense of humour. A pop phenomenon who during the eighties managed to get a number of her songs on “Top of the Pops.” She hit the jackpot singing duo with Kenny Rogers; their “Islands in the Stream” was number one in 1983 for two weeks. But how does she do that “so charming” bit, how does she look far less than her 63 years, Botox? Well she is also very naturally cute but certainly “not the face that launched a thousand ships”. She is a fairly predictable heroine, being stalwart, talented and dignified. A true lady, there is nothing cheap about Dolly Parton, the “cutie pie look” is just a cover up for an aristocratic soul and an evolved attitude to life overall. An attitude she covers up with screeches of laughter, and a very teasy attitude. Her Venus in Capricorn is unlikely to have her swinging from chandeliers for love either, more like warming hubby’s slippers by the fire for her. She will want to keep her huge hair in place, and she is not into romantic walks along a windy beach, she likes to look crisp, ordered, well turned out. Dolly Parton likes her high heels, her tight skirts and to stay in comfortable luxurious hotel suites with excellent room service. Her Mercury in Capricorn makes her intelligent, yet rather insular when composing, playing piano and singing new compositions alone in her recording studio. She likes to do it “her way”. Keep the musical magic under her hat. Dolly Parton will get up and go to bed at the same time. No all night raving for our Dolly, just some rather absurd OTT jokes that have some shocked and kept others delighted till bedtime. She will be inclined to worry staring up at the ceiling once she pulls the sheets around her, especially should a relative or friend become sick or a song not come out quite as in tune as she wanted it to be. Her North Node being in Gemini is the answer to the mystery of Dolly Parton. She will be multifarious, colourful, and light-hearted and can deliver that tinkle of a laugh echoing across stage and screen to cast a spell on us all. Yet she can sit by that fire stoking it for hubby, giving out pearls of wisdom and humane advice to passing friends, drunks, show biz bigs, anyone who happens to be passing. She will also make pancakes, just in case you are hungry. Mars in Cancer will make her moody. Like who is that little lady with the beehive hairdo sitting at the breakfast table and screaming at you to pass the sugar? A minute ago she was a radiant, ice blonde angel without a hair out of place sipping her fruit juice. What happened? Yes Dolly Parton is changeable, an unpredictable butterfly, even though she will look the same, sing the same, and enchant the same year in year out. But of course how can be it be otherwise? 25 hits. A singer, songwriter, even an actress staring in the The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas for which she received a Golden Globe nomination, Rhinestone where she was paired with Sylvester Stallone, and the magnificent Steel Magnolias. There is something so special about this dame, something so intriguing. A sunny southern honey, capable of touching the stars, of being earmarked for great things, always unique, always shining that very special charisma. She is a constellation of talent, a bright and shining inspiration, and yet she makes us laugh, cry and yearn. This year Dolly Parton will get one of her wishes fulfilled. It is a very private wish, a wish that will bring her great personal happiness. We look forward to seeing her with a smile on her face as she picks up some more awards and has another couple of hits over the next two years. Nothing can stop her, she will continue to the end of her days, saying “Hello, I’m Dolly Parton!” God bless you Ms Parton!

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