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Cynthia Payne

Written by Philip Garcia

Cynthia Payne always had a gift for party planning. She was the proverbial “hostess with the mostess!” in her younger years! From an early age, when she probably threw tea parties for her teddy bears and dollies, she loved to have fun.

Cynthia Payne always had a gift for party planning. She was the proverbial “hostess with the mostess!” in her younger years! From an early age, when she probably threw tea parties for her teddy bears and dollies, she loved to have fun. Those who knew and loved her back then sensed something akin to a jazz band playing in her vicinity. Cynthia Payne seemed to have more than an eye on life’s rhythm. Cynthia knew she was meant for the “extraordinary”. Growing up in bleak nineteen thirties Bognor, not a town renowned for its “spin city” vibe, pushed her to roll up her sleeves and embellish on her destiny. That cheeky grin, that impish attitude coupled with a fun Mercury in Sagittarius takes the edge off that Capricorn hard headedness of hers, no doubt about it she is a dame to enjoy life with. In fact, Saggy both in Mercury and Venus turns Cynthia Payne into a girl who can party till the “cows came home!” A good mix of base line entertainment and every day reality Cynthia Payne’s your archetypal free sprit “par excellence!” No prude for sure, with Ms. Mars in Virgo sex is a necessity to well being in her book, nothing to make a fuss about! Her “no nonsense” demeanor has always endeared Cynthia Payne to many, especially those of the opposite sex. Add an inborn “hail fellow well met!” perception of her working life and a distinctive path emerges. Perhaps it all really began when the police raided her quiet, suburban home in 1980 to put a stop to risqué-preplanned frolics. Cynthia Payne’s entertainment cartel was geared to relieve stressed out highflying businessmen. But throw in a couple of vicars, and one or two politicians and the shenanigans are off to a good start! The chaps would let it all hang out as they caroused with an assortment of entertaining ladies, picking a pretty favorite to have even more fun with! The result – Cynthia did time for running what was considered a brothel, but remember, whatever Cynthia Payne wants, Cynthia Payne gets and she would get justice sooner or later. Why? That moon in Scorpio does not permit her enemies to win, she will wait by the side of the proverbial river until their corpses come floating by, metaphorically speaking of course – a Scorpio sun sigh trait. Cynthia Payne‘s moon incorporates a “never say die” attitude so she stands by what she believes. No hypocritical social mores for our friend. She would lay her life on the line, standing up to what she perceives as free sexual choices. Anyway, she liked her parties and she liked her friends, and she wanted to enjoy the fun on a continuing basis. Cynthia Payne was not going to give in to media disapproval or intimidation. The result was even more high jinks in her home, and she had the whole of England laughing about it to boot! Another police raid pulled the plug on what “the forces that be” saw as “monkey business”. The guest list at that particular gathering ranged from well known politicians, showbiz folks, and hilarious undercover policeman in disguise, one envisages the whole occasion going down rather well on the Monty Python show! Cynthia Payne put her foot down strongly yet again. She was doing nothing wrong; the raid was an invasion of her privacy, and the intimacy of VIPs who were just enjoying all that party planning! She was put on trial again, but decided that there should be radical changes to the UK ’s sex laws! Her charismatic, go getting attitude won thru and she was discharged of all accusations. The happy ending is that now Cynthia Payne is an after dinner speaker, and author of “Entertainment at Home!” It is her Jupiter in Virgo that will always encourage her to present a new way of looking at adult entertainment, something that inspires, significantly shakes up the status quo. She will keep on course, and not allow anyone to put a spanner in the works, nor take notice of super critical folks. That North Node in Pisces will push Cynthia Payne on to a visionary, bigger picture. Cynthia will expand her communication skills, not only to win democratic sex for all with her after dinner talks, but also to win justice for those less fortunate than herself. In fact, taking some new steps towards sustaining others in need, or perhaps helping a friend in an every day capacity. This warm hearted, strong, and fabulous lady will plot out a new path, always full of that dynamic energy and always ready to shake her perceptions. Keep a look out for Cynthia, she might drop in on your area to present a fun party, or an after dinner talk; for goodness sake don’t miss it!

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