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Richard Branson

Written by Philip Garcia

It seems to be a virtual rule of thumb that some kids have issues integrating into the main stream education system, but yet they touch the stars as adults, especially when it comes to hitting the high C success wise. Perhaps being ticked off by teachers and parents grows a second skin, a harder one. They learn that in order to survive they will just have to play down their Achilles heel, and build on their own resourcefulness. Richard Branson, who could never claim to being the top of his class, once said “My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them…from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full, I felt that I had to attempt it”. Born under the sun sign of Cancer, our inspired Richard Branson rose above all challenges when it came to his ingenious business solutions. With his blonde, “King Arthur” good looks he has created his own Camelot, and is considered a “transformational leader”. Branson came kicking and screaming onto planet earth with an original plan. It was to make a lot of money and become a standard bearer for thought-provoking endeavors. Mercury in Leo would have helped Richard Branson keep his eye on the road in this regard, pushing him towards his goal. Add to that, a shining Leo sun in Mercury and nobody could hold back his illumined thought processes and high voltage communication capacities. He has starred as himself on shows like Friends, Baywatch, Birds of a Feather, Only Fools and Horses, Goodness Gracious me etc entertaining many, and certainly making the odd female heart flutter. So being a slow student was no skin off Richard Branson’s nose in the greater scheme of things, in fact he was the kind of teenage dude who was good at sports and having fun. He forayed into the “wheeling and dealing” facets of life at 16 years old with a magazine called, wait for it, “Student”. His next deal with setting up a mail order business, and then he moved on as we all know, to become a billionaire with his successful Virgin Records, Virgin Megastores, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Blue, etc. Richard Branson’s only planet in the sign of Virgin, or Virgo, is Saturn. Since Mr. Saturn is a cosmic teacher, and a very resourceful one at that, the placement fell in Richard’s favor. It would have gifted him with a capacity to build a resilient backcloth to his affairs, learn the value of life experience, and encourage his ingenious endeavors. Saturn would have also reminded Richard Branson to cultivate patience in the face of adversity as per his heroic record breaking trip across the Atlantic in his “Virgin Atlantic Challenger”, the boat capsized. He was rescued by a RAF helicopter. But he tried to beat another record, and in 1991 successfully crossed the Pacific from Japan to Arctic Canada, in a balloon, cruising at a speed of 245 miles per hour. As far as Richard Branson’s emotions are concerned, this man loves the ladies with a seductive moon in Leo. When he was a young man dating would have been fun, especially with Venus in Gemini making him a chatty kind of guy, more attracted to a gutsy babe who could keep him laughing than your classic beauty queen. He is now on his second marriage and his north node would ensure a deeply sensitive approach, with a need to draw lines around his personal relationships when it comes to privacy. He needs stability, a rich family life, and is less prone to emotional “exploration” when it comes to one-on-one relationships. Signing controversial bands such as Faust, Can Can, the Sex Pistols and Culture Club would be far easier for Richard Branson than discussing a marriage crisis. When it comes to business, Richard Branson has learnt to react with gutsy intensiveness, and sometimes bet on Lady Luck to save the day. In fact, Lady Luck has always saved his day, may be because she loves the brave. Pluto in Leo encourages him to fulfill a humanitarian mission, to create a better world for his grandchildren, to build into a higher perspective of life overall. In March 2008, Richard Branson got together with world leaders, celebrities, movers and shakers on one of his personal islands to discuss a plan to resolve global warming, his intent to lift up consciousness, and expand awareness. His moon in Leo will always guide him forwards in this kind of enterprise; make him a colorful character, but a noble one, a world player but a down-to-earth one. Certainly he is an eye catching personality, but he is on the right track, and indeed over the next year or two will liaise with others to create an avant garde group of individuals working to find ideas that lead the world to economic expansion and a “Greener” future. We will continue to watch his amazing endeavors with great fascination. God bless you Richard!

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