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Meryl Streep

Written by Philip Garcia

What is it about Meryl Streep famed film star and 2009 Oscar Nominee that makes her one of the finest movie actresses of our time?

What is it about Meryl Streep famed film star and 2009 Oscar Nominee that makes her one of the finest movie actresses of our time? Certainly not her looks, although unusually attractive she is not a classic beauty. Her Cancer sun sign belies a shyness hidden from view at red carpet functions or award ceremonies too. Her education at the prestigious Yale University gave her the confidence to utilise her fine mind but that intelligence was never the only reason for such great talent. Meryl Streep could have been a lawyer giving inspired speeches to defend her clients but she would not have been as famous as she is today if she had chosen a different life path. She is an instinctive actress. Her true gift lies within her heart and her obvious love for humanity. That talent was within Meryl Streep long before she excelled as a young actor at Yale Repertory Theatre playing challenging roles in the Brothers Karamazov and a Midsummer Night’s Dream. Yet she is essentially a mystery as are most genial individuals. Her horoscope although interesting is not that remarkable but it does suggest an element obscured behind the rotations of the planets an element that could be the key to her genius. Mercury in Gemini shows Meryl Streep is fast off the mark, that she can learn a script by heart quicker than most. That she makes a decision about a part “toute suite”, and that her characterisations are inspired by an inner stimulus to define souls. A Jupiter placement gives Meryl Streep an uncanny understanding of human nature, the capacity to stand in another’s shoes and take the full whack of their life path, no matter how cruel, conflicted and totally diverse from her own experience. Jupiter also bestows luck in finding the right roles, the excellent casting responsible for her performances in “Sophie’s Choice” and “The French Lieutenants Woman” interpretations that showcased her gifts. As Jim Carrey said in his screamingly hilarious speech at her Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony in Hollywood, “What are you a body snatcher?” for it seems that Meryl Streep fits into the flesh and bone of her characters; she becomes them in thought, word and deed. Certainly she has built a strong personal life to blanket the intensity of an actor’s lot. Meryl Streep loves her family, she is a committed mother and loving wife, a supportive friend and colleague. Her private life is blemish free, woe betide anyone who dares to touch that area. Only her up and down moods could cause occasional clashes within her nest egg as her need for those solitary moments, those time outs, could cause a perplexed reaction from those she holds most dear. Meryl Streep can wear her “actor’s mask” par excellence and people around her will wonder what is going on in her head. She can confuse them. Uranus in Cancer would also give her the gift of picking up from the Universal Mind, tuning into the karma of her characters, the subterranean reasons for their life choices, the pivotal central points of their failures and successes. Her Mars in Gemini will make her passionately communicative and super expressive on the film set. But Meryl Streep, although an ordinary person to some extent, becomes utterly extraordinary when standing in front of the camera, fascinating us with those volatile facial expressions, the diverse accents that she seems to pick up so easily and discard so quickly. Meryl Streep will continue to surprise us all with her interpretations, have us riveted to our seats in fact. Her performance in the Devil Wears Prada showed her capacity to express the most desperate and negative characters with sympathy and sensitivity. Meryl Streep will be entering a time of great personal satisfaction and her career will become even more “star studded”. Her evolution as a human being has walked hand in hand with her evolution as an actress, helping her grow in stature. Her future continues to shine, no matter her age. She will soon be starting to write books or poetry, she could take up painting, she will certainly wind down with dignity, but surprise, surprise, her life path shows Meryl Streep will entertain us just as intensely well into her old age. Provocative, sensitive, sweet, courageous, sacrificial her roles are a kaleidoscope of colour and communication, she is an actress of historic significance and her horoscope is only a small part of that spiritual capacity to express the human condition so skilfully and with such compassion. Thank you Meryl!

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