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Luke Marsden

Written by Philip Garcia

Above and beyond his popularity on Big Brother, if you would have told the cute, usually suit clad, Luke Marsden a while back that he would be so successful he would have cheered, for at least one of his dreams had finally come true! He was a sweet kid, rather introverted at times.

Luke Marsden: What’s In His Astrological Profile For This Year?

Above and beyond his popularity on Big Brother, if you would have told the cute, usually suit clad, Luke Marsden a while back that he would be so successful he would have cheered, for at least one of his dreams had finally come true! Luke Marsden was a sweet kid, rather introverted at times. Any teasing would have had him turn gloomy, the fault of sun in Cancer making him one of the ultra sensitive brigade! On his Big Brother interview, he said women thought he was gay, and that he was probably bad in bed. Very endearing statement which got him loads of fans. On that occasion sensitive Cancer was eclipsed by a very Aries moon, a moon that knew what it was doing and got him on the show. Those moon vibes will continue to push that contrast button, and show Luke Marsden up as a full on, go-getting laugh a minute in complete contrast to his rather prim, self confessed virginal demeanor. Such a laugh in fact, that his bizarre antics have us falling about, and let’s face it everyone adores a fun guy. Luke Marsden reports on wrestling, one of his prime interests, put him on the front page originally. He has a nose for getting noticed. Be not surprised to see him start up a skew ball rap session, yet another ruse to catch our attention, in fact we can expect anything from one moment to the next. Girlfriends will come and go but Luke Marsden’s leadership genes and fidgety attitudes will stay, making him a surprising winner. A geeky guy with a Hulk sub personality, he plays Jimi Hendrix guitar to millions of adoring fans… in his fantasies. Yes, as we said, he does dream. Okay some might scoff at his speedy new found fame, yet do not underestimate Luke Marsden. His Saggy ascendant will teach him big bucks can come and go, but he will never allow fame to color his values. He will learn to ignore those who judge him by standing up to his own emotional reactions, cultivating that empathic personality and delighting his audience. His Saggy ascendant will make him consistently bright, able to read a situation fast and analyse which corner to turn next. In fact, being silly will never be meaningless, new doors will open up to a truly comedic destiny. Luke Marsden is at the very beginning of a long and successful career folks! He always had to look after himself anyway, and he will continue to take care of the small print, and never expect anyone to do anything for him. In the past, an unfriendly Mr. Saturn, the planet of lesson learning, could have gotten Luke Marsden depressed, wanting nurturing, feeling needy and consistently overlooked. His sun in the eighth house would have driven him forwards, deciding to build on self confidence rather than self doubt; he wants to feel the ground firmly under his feet, to protect those he loves, to dedicate himself to projects that in his view, only a solid bank balance can build on. But worry not Luke, money will always come your way, and with more showbiz maturity another door of will open; you are in the right business to make it through any of your nights! But ladies, let’s face it, that Venus in Cancer has us inexplicably enchanted. His super sensitivity, his emotional thin-skin, his touchy feely vulnerability galvanizes our attention, so loved he shall be by a series of doting girl friends, above and beyond present romantic interests. So what is the secret to such fascination? An astro combination of hypersensitive Cancer combined with a super confident and well placed Leo, so quit asking yourself how a basically mainstream guy can have so much sex appeal. This year Uranus influences will push Luke Marsden to sudden changes. He will realize that although people could put a spanner in his works, criticise him, put him down, and make life difficult, he will overcome nevertheless. And to do so he will transform into Hulk at last. We see his physique changing; he might go into muscle building, or some sort of fitness regime to give him the strength to tackle an increasingly successful lifestyle. He could embellish on his wrestling interests even. As a result his affairs will proceed harmoniously with Jupiter on his side. Opportunity after opportunity will fall into Luke Marsden’s lap; he will feel a lucky chap! There is nothing clichéd about this guy, he is an original, a fresh faced energy on the show biz scene. New ideas will stimulate his interests he could get involved in a number of fun projects, even politics! Watch this space; we have not heard the end of Mr. Luke Marsden yet. We cheer him on to victory, in his own way he has accomplished much, and deserves more! Bless you Luke!

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