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A beautiful blonde with a voice that shakes one’s innards into fast spin, a true “singer of soul”, born under the sign of Cancer, Duffy could be compared to Dusty Springfield, or even Janis Joplin, her voice is so passionate, so full of feeling.

A beautiful blonde with a voice that shakes one’s innards into fast spin, a true “singer of soul”, born under the sign of Cancer, Duffy could be compared to Dusty Springfield, or even Janis Joplin, her voice is so passionate, so full of feeling. This miraculous young Grammy Award Winner was not born in Mississippi, or Memphis either, her origins are far more down to earth. She grew up with her sisters in small town Wales. Duffy’s young life was helter skelter, her parents divorced, she was placed in care, there was alcoholism in the family, and as a teen she did not just smoke cigarettes. Duffy loved to sing, yet she was asked to leave her school choir, her voice was too big, her soul too expansive. Yet such hurtful trials and tribulations touched her core, and made her the ardent vocalist she is today. Right from the start her Jupiter in Capricorn would have gifted her with that “shine like a diamond in the coal” vibe. Duffy wanted to put the past right behind her. Rid herself of envious glances, and competitive friendships. She knew she was far more than her personal history. Duffy stood out from the start, a natural glimmer around her, and a gift of communicating that hit the proverbial bull’s eye. She toured with local gigs and bands. She tried to make it big, but a shaky exploit in Switzerland got her nowhere fast. She cut her losses and worked as a waitress. Never a girl to give up, her vibrant Mars in Scorpio gifts Duffy with that innate capacity to keep going, to push for what she believes in, embellishing on her amazing talent, seeing it as a mission, rather than just a music career. Duffy has since emblazoned a trail in the US, and is considered one of the most gifted young female vocalists of recent times. She has sold 5.5 million records worldwide. But back then, when fame was far more than a distant planet, she went for the jazz and blues jugular, and recorded her first mini album, of just three songs, in 2004. Her break came when she was introduced to Jeannette Lee a music manager. Lee got Duffy to move to London, and arranged a meeting with Bernard Butler the ex Suede guitarist. Together they created a unique sound, one that has us riveted, and has made Duffy the phenomenal star she is today. More breakthroughs came naturally; she was contracted to A&M records in 2007. Her communication gifts are obvious. That appealing vulnerability, those fragile Cancerian energies emanate a mixed quality to her sound. Contrary to the “tough chick” persona strutting around stage and screen, Duffy veiled messages of love convince, her voice picks up the depths; with that phrasing, that sheer tonality, that harmony, all so in tune with her own Arian moon. Her hit song Mercy is a result of that Arian moon spewing forth ideas till Duffy gets the song to sound how it is meant to. Her moon will never shine softly on her artistic abilities; ever so often Duffy will flare up with intensity, especially when it is full! She can seem ruthless; but you see she just has to get where she wants artistically. Something is burning within, pushing her to future heights and popularity. Sudden resentments can explode in the meantime though, especially against anything or anyone she perceives to be blocking her evolution, and that includes those who betrayed her, or let her down. Duffy will need to learn to keep tabs on “putting her foot in it”. Yet her heart is big. She would do anything for a friend, or lover, her Venus in Cancer will make her almost too warm hearted and giving. Her song “Stepping Stone” expresses that yearning for closeness, that understanding she can overreact, misinterpret another’s behavior; often expecting rejection she could create it. The Johnny Rotten incident is a case in point. Johnny heckled her, pinned her up against a wall. He reacted violently to her. His behaviour seemed inexplicable. Duffy said it was her responsibility, but when she is hurt she will find it hard to forgive. She could be inconsolable wanting to know why things went so wrong, why she was so misunderstood, why she did not get an explanation. Duffy will soon learn never to accept rude and aggressive behavior from others. Some might say a sense of emotional loss comes through her voice, we can identify with those feelings, as they mirror our own, and we love Duffy for it. For all her apparent rebelliousness, her private dream could be to have an archetypal happy family, with Sunday lunches, and everyone gathered around a scrabble board. True, she could find domestic bliss a challenge to manifest, especially since her baseline need is creative freedom, and an innovative life style. But Duffy will understand her contradictions and work through some of her childhood issues over the next years; as a result she will find her soul mate just when she least expects it. We forget she is so young, may be because her soul is ancient, and that emanates from her. But Duffy will make changes, the kind she needs to make to enrich her performance and bring her talents even more to the fore. Her friendly moon will lead the way, Duffy will overcome her fears in its rays, those doubts, those moments of despair when she can never get it exactly how she wants it to be, not matter how admired she is, how gifted she is. She will give up on pessimism, and think positive we are certain. Duffy will find her way of connecting to spirituality; it could only be her way, rather mysterious, sometimes hidden, a surprise to us all. But her new attitude will bring her even more luck, and enrich her life. Duffy, your news is good; you will make it through all your nights, and stand strong, a wonderful talent, and a vocal miracle! We wish you luck.

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