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Camilla Duchess Of Cornwall

Written by Philip Garcia

On her marriage to Charles, Camilla was awarded the title of Princess of Wales, and presently carries out royal engagements of her own, but uses one of her other titles – Duchess of Cornwall (or Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland).

Camilla Parker Bowles: Astrological Reading For 2009

“We acknowledge and bewail our manifold sins and wickedness, which we, from time to time, most grievously have committed, by thought, word and deed”. These words could have been pronounced by a princess on the eve of 12th century wedlock; instead they were spoken by Charles’ lover and Cancerian sun sign Camilla Parker Bowles on their wedding day. Some people would classify Camilla as an archetypal Blue Blood, a Lady of the Hunt; she is currently the second most powerful woman in the United Kingdom, next to the Queen. Camilla Parker Bowles hails from an esteemed upper class family, the great granddaughter of Edward VII’s mistress, Alice Keppel, and the great-niece of Violet Trefusis, who caused a scandal in the twenties when she eloped with intellectual Vita Sackville West, interesting to note a familial tendency to become implicated in tortuous out of wedlock relationships with royals or upper class intellectuals. But let us be blunt, Destiny arranged her meeting with Charles. Their love was kept under wraps until the 1990s when the Camilla gate scandal reared its ugly head. In Diana’s controversial BBC interview, she inferred that Charles’ relationship with the “Rottweiler” had been going on from the time of their engagement. Many a courtier realised a desperate last encounter between Camilla Parker Bowles and Charles had been arranged on the eve of that doomed royal marriage. Yet we forget that Charles and Camilla met years earlier at a polo match, when Camilla was a blue eyed stunner, with a passion for horses. From our perspective, they are Twin Flames – souls united in one Spirit, with an inexplicable attraction harking back to past lives. Separated from each other, they would wither away, unable to contain the heartache. Yet together, the trauma their relationship caused would be earth shattering. The catastrophe that followed marked the Royal Family forever and even touched the integrity of the throne. But all was forgiven, as is frequent in the best of families. On her marriage to Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles was awarded the title of Princess of Wales, and presently carries out royal engagements of her own, but uses one of her other titles – Duchess of Cornwall (or Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland). To all intense and purposes she is rolling up her sleeves and “getting on with it!” Some sections of the British Public might have even taken to her, may be because”what you see is what you get” with Camilla Parker Bowles, and notwithstanding the distress of Diana’s death and the shake up within the Royal Family, this lady continues to be fun! Camilla Parker Bowles could seem shallow, but the fact is she simply does not want to “delve into the deeper meaning of trauma”. Laughing is on her list of things to do, as is enjoying financial security and having her basic physical comforts met. Turning a blind eye to other people’s foibles is a far easier system as far as she is concerned, as long as she gets what she wants, and nobody threatens her status quo. She loathes emotional outpourings and hysteria generally. Her idealistic Jupiter in Scorpio would make her aware of a “great purpose” working through the tissue of her life, and yet it is not about the public’s judgement of her perceived betrayal of Diana, but about her own inner truth and nobility of purpose, about being loyal to those she loves above all. Give Camilla Parker Bowles her horse, and a merry gallop up the dales with Charles, and she will touch the best of times in the worst of times. She is capable of joking about the misery of existence on Sunday, and ordering an exotic new hat on Monday. When the odd mini quake happens behind the palace walls, she will only speak her mind when she is ready; not when it is expected of her! She never understood why Diana made all that song and dance about things. It was embarrassing, it was demeaning. She seemed naïve, deranged almost. Mr. Mars in Gemini would prefer her to nurture a more down to earth nature; it eases the future King of England’s heart, he can be himself with her, forget his tortured childhood and lonely adolescence. A frightened little boy, an angry man, a hurting soul, Camilla Parker Bowles will understand his moods with a laugh and a joke. She never mocks, she laughs with him. He does not feel emotional neediness on her part, not like he felt with Diana anyway, even though she is so sensitive with that Ms Venus in Cancer. She can be quiet at times too, borderline dreamy, staring into the distance, unable to put into words exactly what she feels. She lets her Charles do that for her, he does it better. Camilla Parker Bowles never plays head games with anyone, Charles loves that about her. She is to the point, only easily wounded if he does not understand her good intentions. She will then withdraw into that sulky silence for a couple of days. It would have taken all that she could muster to overcome the public’s dislike of her, Charles knows that, appreciates that, the scorn of the press hit deep. The entire struggle to be together was so grueling to both of them, weighing on their souls and sometimes presses on the cracks in their relationship. Yet communion with dogs and horses will always help Camilla Parker Bowles rediscover that solid inner stability again. Charles loves her motherly attributes that wholesome attention of hers, focused on him. Again Ms. Venus in Cancer would make her a true giver, a motherly woman who adores her kids, happiest with her family around her. Practical, hilarious, affectionate, sexy, sporty, noblesse oblige, Camilla Parker Bowles is the right woman for Charles. She might find it hard adjusting to a prying press, to a rigid hierarchal system, to the Royal Family’s quirks, but she will just get on her horse, and ride off into the hills again, the rain on her face, ready to buy a silly hat as soon as the mood takes her.. She will get over it, she will overcome, always. Kind Jupiter in Scorpio would have gifted Camilla Parker Bowles with awesome common sense, that aforementioned sense of “the fates” at play, and their mystifying greatness within all things. Well bred, yet not snobbish, patrician yet not condescending Camilla is a far, far better person than we will ever know! For all their love, Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles could be going through a crisis this year. The strain of past history has a hold on Camilla, she needs to feel free, not so tied up with court events, and royal needs. She could be more nervous than usual, less able to deal with the challenges within their relationship. A pet could die, or a person she knows could be no more, and to Camilla any loss would be devastating and unnerve her deeply. She needs to maintain that sense of universal love, her solid connection to nature, maturing within her soul, realizing something has just got to give, it might be certain aspects of her life, hopefully not her connection to Charles. Whatever happens, there will be a way out. She will realise how hard it was for Diana at times even. No matter how much life baffles her, Camilla Parker Bowles will find her own way of moving through a series of inexplicable events, and losses this year, to become a richer and more fulfilled human being. We wish you well Camilla!

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