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Calum Best

Written by Philip Garcia

“I know how much what dad did hurt me and filled me with demonic anger….” Calum Best told Readers Digest. Like his footballer dad, Calum’s heartthrob looks attract gorgeous women but unlike his dad Calum is no womanizing alcoholic. On the contrary he is an aware, sensitive guy, who has come to terms with his ‘raw and often distressing” relationship with a boozy dad.

During the Digest Interview, “Calum’s infectious smile spread across his face…..” He told them he felt great about life now, his charity has made him feel more integrated and accepted. He has forgiven his father, his drinking was not his fault, it was his weakness.

Calum was born in California as an Aquarius with a Piscean moon, which denotes a refined nature, and a love of beauty in all its forms. Add on open mindedness, and extreme sensibility and this guy shows up as an intuitive with an open heart and a tendency to go for random acts of kindness. In fact, Calum’s compassionate and empathetic nature drove him to get together the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (“NACOA”) which does much to help the sons and daughters of alcoholics.

As confident and charismatic as he is now, Calum’s relationship with his dad left him vulnerable, hyper sensitive and depressed; he did not believe in himself. He has been exploited by hard nuts who did not have any idea what a sensitive child looked like, and unfortunately one such hard nut was his very own dad!

After George’s Best’s death Callum said“I stopped bothering about my health, my appearance, my good friends. I had been doing some classy modeling work with the likes of photographer Mario Testino, but I began doing drugs, drinking, going with the wrong women, hanging out in clubs, waking up with a hangover and doing very little.”


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When he moved to England Calum got his life back together His moon in Pisces inspired him to dive into obscure elements of existence and search for emotional healing. It has taken years to to connect to his deeper feelings without being overwhelmed by them, but now he has faced up to his monsters, he is free of them. In fact a miracle happened, rather than destroying him Calum’s sad and lonely childhood ended up making him stronger.

Mercury in watery Pisces inspires that empathetic, sensitive take; you don’t have to explain to Calum he can sense what you are about. This type of intuitive capacity is prevalent in kids of alcoholic or drug addicted parents, it is as if they know when that next drug fuelled storm is going to hit. It is an inbuilt defensive mechanism that in Calum’s caseh makes him borderline psychic.

With Mars in Aquarius affecting his looks and personality it is easy for Calum to experiment with sexuality. He is mesmeric, he pulls the girls like bees to honey, may be because unlike most guys, he knows love making is a spiritual business. His approach is adventurous, out on a limb. He will break rules, that Mars/Aquarius mix ensures he delights in novelty, seeking out “the edge” the alternative, the inspiring.

During his latest stint on celebrity Big Brother it was hard to pin him down. Cami-Li “one of the more aggressive and self-centred housemates” cut no ice with Calum no matter how hard she tried. He could see right through her

Calum’s Mars in Aquarius makes it easy for him to identify what will work when it comes to relationships. More than anything else, he wants to be one of the chaps, an ordinary bloke. But he never will be. His visions of what life should be will become ever more inspirational! Yes an amazingly placed Mars in Aquarius tells us best never to clip Calum’s wings; you could be clipping the wings of an angel.

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