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Britney Spears

With the Sun and Mercury in lively Sagittarius Britney needs a life and career that allows space, travel and freedom of movement. As a child she attended dance classes and won gymnastic competitions. She starred in several TV adverts and joined the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club. The show was cancelled two years later but Britney soon grew restless at home and again travelled to New York following her dream to become a Star. Jive Records released her debut single Hit Me which was a pop hit worldwide.

The glyph for the sign Sagittarius depicts an archer’s arrow slung on a bow, symbolising a need for direction and movement. Britney could never be content sitting still. She will always need to believe in something and have new goals to work towards; the arrow will continually take her to greater and greater heights. Mercury in Sagittarius highlights Britney’s open-minded nature; she will always look at the world in a way that makes sense to her; she loves a challenge and her optimism will take her far. Britney has popular appeal. She has energy, talent and sex appeal that fascinate young girls, teenagers and an older audience making her a Household name. With the Moon in Aquarius and Mercury close to Uranus she values her independence and won’t like being told what to do by others. She has courage and daring and a special quality that fascinates other people but there is anther side she keeps well hidden. With Venus in Capricorn linking with Saturn, she has a deep need for material and financial security. She will work hard and she will play hard too. Finding a partner who meets with her high expectations will never be easy. It will have been her Sagittarius impulsiveness that led to her wedding in 2004 that lasted 55 hours, ending with an annulment and her Sagittarius desire for spiritual growth that led to her involvement in a Kabbalah Centre. With Jupiter in Scorpio, she will be fascinated with the mysteries of life. Sagittarius forever searches and rarely stays put; she publicly left the religion in 2006. Britney’s divorce from her second marriage was finalised in July 2007. Her dedication to her work and the energy she puts into making this a success can be seen in her Mars in Virgo. A link with Neptune suggests she can get quite obsessive about her aims; she also has an addictive nature which will take too easily to drink and drugs. She should strive for balance and moderation. Britney hasn’t had an easy time of it these past few years with headlines scrutinizing her marriage and her abilities as a mother. Britney turned her life around becoming the highest paid judge on the X Factor, and heading a Vegas residency for millions of dollars, keep going in the right direction Britney, we are behind you!!

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