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Ashley Ward

Written by Philip Garcia

Who is that classic Diamond Geezer, the guy who unites a parted sea and calms a tormented soul; a guy you can count on, a guy you can lean on, a guy whose modus operandi is fair mindedness generosity? The guy we are talking about is former Manchester City footballer Ashley Stuart Ward of course. This dude could have popped out of a Catherine Cookson novel, along with his wife Dawn, who unsurprisingly has popped out of that “Cheshire Wives” TV biopic. She is the delectable linchpin on the programme, and together they stand tall, proud owners of a stunning eleven bedroom citadel with a hot house vibe for all to see!

Ashley has admitted that “Being married to Dawn is a bit of an adventure” but then Ashley likes his life audacious and Dawn fits that bill alright.

Ashley could be perceived as a classic “rags to riches” story. The son of a coal mining engineer, he reached the top of the pile because he stands out, he is 6 ft one. However if you dig deep enough you will realise his success is not due to sporty talent, appearance and chutzpah but to a superior vision of the football field and life itself.

So who is the astounding Ashley underneath that materialistic exterior? Well, once he was an athlete happy to make the most of his capacity to kick a ball and run very fast. However his airy Moon in Libra reveals a few interesting contradictions, a vulnerable need for balance for example. Those Libran overtones yearn for a harmonious marriage; a beautiful home, a poised lifestyle, and he has fulfilled that wish with the lovely Dawn by his side. Together this “Renaissance ” couple has built up an enviable lifestyle.

Perhaps it is difficult to imagine Ashley leaning backwards to please his woman and everyone over himself! But handsome is as handsome does in his case. Always tasteful, everything “that counts” mixes and merges, somewhat like his soul mixes and merges with his ambitions: His need for beautiful objects and a prosperous lifestyle is to grace what he perceives “could” be a harsh existence if one is not a lucky guy.


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Few hold the secrets key to his heart with Venus in Scorpio however, but once someone does Ashley’s intensity could overwhelm. He will give, give and give again. This is a guy who would walk through the door when he is ninety, and every female head would still turn. Why? The ladies sense this guy is not for burning, he holds his own on the field, in life and in the boudoir.

Ashley needs a deep emotional connection, sometimes too deep, he could become obsessive and vengeful if love lets him down. Blame Venus in Scorpio for this intense sexual mojo. However for all his “seeming” extroversion he keeps his inner life top secret and don’t press him for emotional revelations. He will never spill the beans. He enjoys being a rebus, and does not want folks to note his similarity to a rubric cube.

With his Jupiter in Scorpio, he is a “no holds bared” contender for super success But Scorpio also ensures that sometimes things get a tad intense. He has a slight chip on his shoulder wouldn’t you know, a chip most of us would never guess was there. He could want to do a “Clint Eastward” now and then, you know, the guy who fights society’s baddies so that the goodies win, the prime “Goodies” being Ashley and his mates of course.

But then, everything smooths over, the complex aspects of Ashley’s personality are defused with Uranus in Libra. The result is that everything in his life reeks of originality. He is intuitive, he is creative, he wants to play fair and works to that end. Even though past relationships have been touched by hurt and pain, when it comes to emotional challenge, he will always do it “His Way” in the end, and in the end “his way” works. His charm, his kindness, his diplomacy, far outweigh diffidence, obsession and a sometimes rigid mindsets.

His life could be seen as idyllic, he is with a woman who loves him, and is surrounded by his darling daughters Darby, Taylor, Charlie and Aston, girls who fulfil his heart and soul Ashley is a very lucky man! Uranus in Libra tells us so and he would say “That is what I wanted all along!”

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