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Written by Philip Garcia

Okay, let’s play a celebrity game! Who said, one “If you haven’t got it fake it……!” two “I want a big house, with a moat and dragons, and a fort to keep people out?” and three “I dress sexily but not in an obvious way, in a virginal way!” Yes, congratulations, ten out of ten, our celebrity is that great Dame of British Showbiz, Victoria Beckham.

Whether you like Victoria Beckham’s fashion style is not the point. When we look at this lady’s astro heavens, she is one fully rounded, fascinating chick. In fact strangely, her looks deviate from her inner strength and originality. Why do we say this? Mainly because her Aries sun sign liaises with the soft light of a beneficial moon. In fact, that moon has slowly morphed Victoria into a wise humanitarian with a closet mystical bent, always ready to listen to new philosophies and perceptions. This is why Victoria Beckham is so prone to experiment with avant garde fashion!

Victoria Beckham is by no means a voguish airhead; she is a down to earth, astute being, with an extreme sense of humor, and a capacity to dismiss life’s challenges with a mere wave of a graceful hand. She also has Mr. Mars in heady Gemini, so she is fully capable of holding her own with her agent, her fan club, her enemies and her business associates.

Some people have wondered about her nickname “Posh” since as far as we know she has no relationship to the Queen. It was during her meteoric ascension to worldwide renown as a Spice Girl that the nickname stuck, apparently pulled out of the sky by a British pop magazine, but we sense those who used it were aware Victoria Beckham had a rather unusual perception of existence, like when she was a little girl and begged dad not to deliver her to school in his Rolls Royce!

As a child she was from the Planet Venus, a one off, an outsider who other kids would pick on. They realised she was another “pasta”, and soon she would realise it herself. Since she left the Spice Girls, she has sometimes hit the big time with her songstress talents, her single “Out of Your Mind” was number two in the top ten, but nowadays she has become more of a “modish mystic”, her unique fashion nose helping her design a line of jeans, sunglasses and perfumes. In fact she is obsessed with sunglasses, and has her own vintage collection. We are not surprised; hiding behind them when faced with over-excited fans, journalists and photographers, etc. is her way of distancing herself.


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Of course Victoria Beckham is more than grateful for her popularity; in fact she has now cultivated a grounded method of dealing with the excesses of celebrity-hood. Mercury in Aries makes her nobody’s fool; do not try to pull a fast one on Victoria! She wants you to be straight, on edge when it comes to business, intense and inspiring as a friend. Her own ideas jump hither thither like a grass hoppers and she will want to share them with you.

As far as lurve is concerned we all know that Victoria Beckham adores her David. Venus in Pisces means that she is an incurable romantic and believes in Twin Flames and Soul Mates. She and David fell in love in 1997 at a football meeting. She reportedly said to her friends “I didn’t really know who he was, as I was never into football!” But the attraction was swift and awesome. Nicknamed “Posh and Becks” by the press they got married in an Irish castle. Victoria now has three children, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, with Elton John and David Furnish as the godfathers, and Elizabeth Hurley as the Godmother. But let us return to Venus in Pisces, since it is such an important aspect of Victoria’s “way of being”.

Victoria Beckham has a big heart, and a capacity to love unconditionally. Surprising she is not just the fashionable broad we all know and love. Behind closed doors she is a warm, giving woman, with such a close proximity to her husband and children, she sometimes forgets where she ends and they begin. When David reportedly had a brief affair with his personal assistant, she said “”I think we are a very weak, anorexic family. We hate food but we love each other to pieces and I think as long as we don’t eat each other then we’re fine, yeah?” But that phrase was a cover up for her true feelings, which was nobody would ever take her Twin Soul away from her, ever! But get one thing about Victoria Beckham, with her Jupiter in Pisces she is an old soul, someone who has come to earth with a mission. Strip away the show biz mask, and discover a bright light shinning behind it. She is not in the least bit conceited about all her success, but she loves to play the game of “chic broad about town”. However, we insist, deep down, Victoria is an intuitive healer, and might just have to come out of her closet and admit it! A magical individual who can both stimulate and antagonise an adoring public.

Her real passion, fashion has become her signature, with her own fashion lines and the biggest celebrities clambering to wear our outfits, she is in her own heaven! She won best designer brand of the year in 2011 and was the most discussed designer in 2012 on Twitter during New York fashion week, she guest edited French Vogue and counts Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue powerhouse Anna Wintour amongst her close friends.

We would not be surprised if she did much good for others, a good that she would prefer to keep under wraps. Over the next couple of years she will review her lifestyle in all its aspects. She will cut back on work, and examine her health, perhaps make a few tweaks to her training and diet programme here and there. Her North Node in Sagittarius will teach her not to scatter her energies, but to hone in to new objectives. Her mystic side will come to the fore over the next years, and she will start participating in a series of controversial projects, that both inspire and entertain. We can only expect to be surprised by the one off, adorable Victoria Beckham!

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