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Written by Philip Garcia

Okay folks; fasten your seat belts because this astro profile will be all about that dude Independent on Sunday voted the 50th most influential gay in the United Kingdom. Why? Because he is so darned hilarious, and yes, because he is an Aries. The debonair DJ, Radio Presenter Scott Mills’ main aim is to entertain his audience, even to the extent of receiving electric shocks during a daft yes/no question and answer spiel on his show. Why? Well he cares about his public, he wants them roaring with laughter.

A dynamic Mars will make Scott Mills your social butterfly, flying from flower to proverbial flower, in his element when surrounded by an original team of people. He probably wanted to be famous from an early age. He has always been dynamic, his energy of “human dynamo” status. He is a ball of pure chutzpah, of creative and dedicated talent. His daily shenanigans on the Scott Mills Show have us mesmerized. He began “walking his talk” early, at the age of 16 on a local Hampshire radio station. Back in those Hampshire days he was offered a late night slot, and became so popular he quickly moved on to main stream entertainment.

Currently, Scott Mills struts his stuff with great aplomb, and we continue to fall about laughing. Many of us followed his rise to fame, and were delighted when he joined the BBC Radio 1 team to present The Early Breakfast Show. He continued to move up, covering Sara Cox’s slot when she was on maternity leave, and basically he has never looked back. His Mars in imaginative Pisces will make sure those original pranks, and strange, almost out of body perceptions on life are original. Another of his successful personas is that of the actor, he was caught playing a reporter on Casualty and a politician in Hollyoaks! But again with that Mars in cheeky Gemini, he will be more prone to being a prankster, attempting to kiss wild animals or calling computer help lines with absurd takes on Information Technology. His very own Scott Mills Show opens up “alla Monty Python” with that momentous catch phrase “It’s only bley Friday”, screamed at high voltage, classical music playing in the background.

We cannot fail to want Scott Mills around as we gulp down our coffee, and stagger out the door, to face yet another day of credit crunches; he cheers us up. As we said, he is an Aries and that fiery sign can have a rather idiotic view of reality, in fact without idiocy our friend would simply collapse into a heap. But surprise, surprise his realistic Moon in Taurus will ensure this chap is down to earth; on a personal level you might discover he is one of the most grounded guys you could ever hope to meet. Scott Mills can cut through to the root of a problem, analyze the difficult bits, and resolve them all in about ten seconds flat. His thoughts vibrate fast, again Mercury’s fault. He intuitively knows what his audience wants and since he does not believe in procrastinating he gives it to them, and very efficiently too. He has always realised that pressing the laughter button would take him far.

Yet, even though he is so grounded, ever so often he might dream of flying a kite over the Gobi Desert, or camping in the Ecuadorian jungle. As dedicated as he is to his act, he is not immune to the odd adventure. As far as those personal emotions are concerned, he will be inclined to have a detached perspective of lurve. He does not want to dig too deep, or hit the “passion” button too fast, if he did, his energy might become dispersive, and he needs to concentrate on his career above all else. Mars in Gemini demands emotional stimulation, so his partner would have to be exciting, wacky, and more than inspiring to hold his attention for more than five minutes. Jupiter in Pisces would encourage our friend to go for the road less traveled every time. Saggy gifts him with inspiration. He is a star not just to his public, but to his friends and nearest and dearest. He has cultivated an almost Pollyanna optimism, creating his own bizarre reality, and whirling it around us like a multi coloured kaleidoscope. His comedic talent will be much needed in the years to come. His shows will become even funnier, more wacko; he will take our minds off the credit crunch and have us thinking things aint so bad after all.


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Scott Mills’ views are strong and clear, his soul path of uncompromising success. He is a highly intelligent man using his insight and creative flair to build an original future. We see him becoming more slapstick, even more prone to clowning around. He wants to live up to his public’s expectations and for some time to come he will do just that, his mission is to keep us laughing until the cows come home! Thanks Scott, we appreciate you, more than you will ever know!!

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