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Sarah Jessica Parker

Written by Philip Garcia

Forgive us for saying that Aries Sun Sign Sarah Jessica Parker is a bit of an enigma, a bit of a perfectionist and soft spoken rebel, the kind of girl with her finger in every pie, yet with a tendency to criticise herself and others notwithstanding her talent, and good heart. She is indeed a stickler, an extremely ambitious member of the Aries fraternity, her hard headedness borderline obsessive, her need to reach the top of her profession compulsive. In fact her friends and family are not in the last surprised she managed to strut her stuff to perfection in Sex and the City and win four Golden Globe, two Emmys and more, for her performance as Carrie Bradshaw.

Sarah Jessica Parker worked hard from when she was a kid; her dedication to showbiz was uncompromising. Sarah initiated her existence on planet earth as the beloved daughter of a nursery school teacher and a journalist, her parents divorced when Sarah Jessica was a kiddo, and she grew up in a very extended family; i.e. a brood of brothers and sisters some inherited from her stepfather, and some from her mum’s new marriage.

We envision little Sarah Jessica Parker fighting for attention amidst the fray. We see her dressing up in her mum’s high heeled shoes, or pirouetting around the sitting room in her ballerina dress, the perfect fairy princess. It would have been logical for her to attend the School for Creative and Performing Arts, and follow up with a stint at the School of American Ballet. Mars in Virgo would have had her working at the bar far longer than the other girls, burning the midnight oil to practice her pirouettes.

In the early eighties Sarah Jessica Parker got a breakthrough playing a mixed up teen in the sitcom Square Pegs, her performance was well received. Yet it was not enough to hit the big time, so she still soldiered on, her dreams seemingly beyond reach. Yet an encouraging moon in Capricorn encouraged her to utilise those ample reserves of energy and fight for her dreams. She soon found herself caste in four films, including one with Helen Hunt, called “Girls Just Want to have Fun!” But it was her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City that really projected Sarah Jessica Parker into the big time, notwithstanding the show’s sometimes dubious language, and rather controversial episodes.

Most women on planet earth identified with the four desperate New Yorkers seeking true love and yes, eventually finding it. In fact, Sarah Jessica Parker’s depiction of Carrie bore some resemblance to her own sensitivity, insight, inner loneliness and distinct fashion flair. A rather cheeky Mercury in Pisces gifted Sarah Jessica Parker with her heroine’s droll perception of life, so crucial to the character of Carrie Bradshaw. By the way, even Sarah can talk philosophy at the cheese counter, slurp over cups of coffee in paroxysms of giggles, or just get excessively inspired by a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Friendly Mercury is always her best friend; after all he has gifted her with that communicative dress sense, that sassy impertinence, that mischievous demeanor! As far as romance is concerned, well she is a Venus in Pisces, therefore a super romantic, i.e. Cathy to Heathcliffe, Juliet to Romeo. She had a big thing going with Robert Downey Jr. and she supported him through his drug problem, Venus in Pisces always encouraging her to understand his pain.


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She once said “I believed I was the person holding him together” but eventually that relationship crashed, and she married Matthew Broderick, her true and destined soul mate. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew have three children. So, when it comes to friends and family Sarah is the sweetest and most gentle person, always ready to support and love her nearest and dearest with every bone in her body. In fact, when it comes to her personal life she is adept at censoring the more hard bitten aspects of her show biz persona. She would fight to her last breath to protect her family, and is an adoring wife to Matthew. But it is her north node in Gemini that will her guide this doll forwards on a planetary mission. It will encourage her to really get to know others through communication, compassion and understanding. You see, all Sarah Jessica Parker needs to do is to push herself a little less. After all, she possesses a magic key to a special door; it opens to evolved understanding, and a capacity to express the human condition through her matchless artistic flair.

At the moment Sarah Jessica Parker might feel her career is stuck in a rut and she wants to expand, the second half of the year shows she will start looking at her craft from a different angle, perhaps becoming involved in film production or a new television series. In any event, an opportunity will come her way, and she will pick up on it! And by the way, if you are free for a shopping expedition honey, can we come? We would just love to laugh and joke with you in the coffee house, chatting about how hard it is to be a woman in this mad, bad world! God bless you Ms Parker, you are our true showbiz soul mate and entertaining friend! We cannot wait to see your next trick!

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