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Samantha Fox

Written by Philip Garcia

Samantha Fox once said “God gave me my body. I know it has made many people happy. There is no conflict there. I don’t and have never promoted pornography. I’m not a born-again Christian because I have always been one. I am doing what God wants me to do. My prayer each night is: “Let me go my way and make people happy. Let me do the right thing.” In fact Samantha, that bright and scintillating lady with the impish grin, that East End golden girl who has us so enthralled, has more than done the right thing, even though her life has been peppered with challenges and some emotional pain.

Samantha Fox would just have to be an Aries, you know go getting, charismatic, with that never say die attitude so prevalent in the East End where she grew up. Her planetary placements show a harmonious sun moon combination which would mean the charm would come in bucket loads, and coupled with an unusual equanimity she is a rare pearl within the show biz fraternity.

It would not have always been easy for Samantha Fox to handle success, but she has a rather Scarlet O’Hara quality to her, so “Tomorrow would always be another day!” Her late mum and dad were market traders perhaps that was why Sam was awestruck by show biz from such an early age, the glamour of it lifted her up and away from the school of hard knocks. She most probably dreamt of the silver screen, and saw herself up there with the stars. Mercury in Pisces would make her prone to dream! But nobody, not even Sam, could have imagined she would grow up into such a stunner and draw all that rapt attention.

In early 1983, mum took a couple of piccies of her lovely daughter and submitted them to the Sunday People who were running an amateur modelling competition. And that was how Samantha Fox became a legend in her own time and one of the most mythical Page Three Girls in the western world. Of course, she had some challenges to contend with on her way up the stairway to success. One was her dad who embezzled her. She accessed her Mars in Aries to sue him and when he died in 2000, she had not seen him for years.

Mr. Mars looks after Sam’s interests, makes her stand up for her rights, and allows her to hold her own in a crisis no matter what! That aspect helped her in her career singing career, she always loved music, and fought hard to express herself. Samantha Fox created three albums and her hit single “Touch Me I Want Your Body!” was recorded she was only 19 years old. She has toured Bosnia, Russia and the Ukraine and has had eight top forty hits.


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When it comes to love Samantha Fox would be complex, her Venus in Pisces gifts her with a heart breaking sensitivity. She might want to save those she loves, from themselves. For some time she had a relationship with a con man named Peter Foster, and together they adopted Simon a young Australian boy who accidentally drunk some alcohol and became comatosed. Samantha was absolutely devastated. Perhaps due to this incident the Faith really took hold of her, becoming the central focus of her life.

Her Aquarian moon strikes a rebellious note throughout her life. You see, Samantha Fox is an individualist, a humanitarian, certainly not a stuffed shirt; strict social mores get on her nerves, as does the status quo This placement would have made it impossible for her to remain silent about her deep love for Myra Stratton, her manager. “But I can’t keep saying ‘Maybe” or denying it. It is time to let people know where my heart is. People keep trying to say I’m a lesbian. I don’t know if I am. All I know is that I’m in love with Myra, and want to spend the rest of my life with her!” But it is Venus in Pisces that ultimately gifts her with her angelic qualities, making her so kind, so loving, so romantic so able to pick up another’s feelings and read them without anyone saying a word. The Pisces element would help her access the divine, the infinite, her faith in humanity and her love of God. She yearns for depths of emotion, an intensity she cannot access within main stream relationships.

When she connects to “All that Is” Samantha Fox is finally her own person, a true mystic, with closet prophetic tendencies. Take away the glitter, and you have a beautiful soul, who is intent on fulfilling her life purpose. And that is why we see Sam moving on and up over the coming years. She will use her knowledge of life, and higher thinking to latch on to new ways of expressing her creative talents.

Something revolutionary is going to happen to her and a result will be an enlightened pathway ahead. Her true node in Taurus will encourage her to seek the truth within her soul, always, and this is the crux of Samantha Fox, her spirit is the core of her. She has lived her life, her beauty and her gifts to the hilt. But as she moves into her later years, she will find she can apply the same intensity of purpose to her spiritual life, and her deep love for the human race. She will shift the attention towards helping others and succeed in this endeavour, perhaps due to her magical capacity to communicate. She is an awesome chick, Sam, we love ya!

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