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Phillip Schofield

Written by Philip Garcia

We do not expect anyone shouted “April Fool” when Phillip Schofield was born on the 1st April 1962. May be because he was such a lovely little babe, the kind you would have wanted to tickle under the chin. He brought a sense of warmth to the heart even then, and it was clear he was nobody’s fool, even when he was screaming for his night feed! He is a positive Aries for a start, and when Aries is positive you can be sure most people around them will have fun. Phillip Schofield is not prone to the usual egoism, the more negative style of that sun sign. The only slightly challenging factor is that he could be a bit stubborn, and stick his heels in. But the enthusiastic side will always win out, and find ways to de-stress rather than stress. In other words the TV presenter we all know and love is more than a good looking act, he is actually a sincerely nice guy.

A gentle Mercury in Pisces will make Phillip Schofield sensitive, romantic, bashful, yes bashful a quality he has striven to get over, and has more than succeeded. He will enjoy the showbiz side of presentation, the acting, the creativity; he would like to burst into song on a daily basis, dance across the Good Morning studio, even. Remember how he took over the role from Jason Donovan in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and how well his single “Close every Door” did? That was artistic Mr. Mercury in Pisces pushing him on to honed in self expression yet again!

Anyway, Phillip Schofield knew what he wanted from an early age, his destiny was earmarked. He wrote letter after letter to the BBC, getting his foot in the door as a bookings clerk to start off with! Even moving with his family to New Zealand did not hold up his keen ambition, he was presenting a children’s programme, and working for Radio Haruaki before you could say “Jack Robinson!” When the family returned to the UK, he was quickly diving in the deep end on Children’s TV, and after a few years moved up to his latest shows such as Dancing on Ice, and This Morning.

It was always easy for Phillip Schofield to integrate a good communication style into his presentation packet; some might classify that style bland, because it is so straight up and sincere. But make no mistake; a passionate Venus in Aries can spice it all up at a drop of a hat! As far as love is concerned, Phillip Schofield is passionate, he might like a little tension when it comes to deeper emotional expression, mainly to stimulate and inspire. A good argument to clear the air does not go amiss in his book, as long as it is all peace and joy afterwards; in fact there are few complexities that could mar this guy’s lifestyle.

So let us lay his soul mission at the door of a warm Moon in Aquarius because she will encourage him to look at the bigger picture, and be a whole hearted humanitarian. Phillip Schofield might not have seen a UFO, but he does have a closet take on life, and that “take” cares so much about the environment and the future of humanity, especially since he has two adored daughters and wants a better world for them! Pluto in Virgo will make his concerns grow over the years. He will want to get down to base line good deeds. Mr.Saturn is in Phillip’s Aquarius, by the way Mr.Saturn is well known for being a hard taskmaster, but he just loves our Philip.


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In fact Mr. Saturn will more than approve of his pupil’s simple, honest take, and will not torment him with the usual life challenges he meets out to the majority of humanity. Phillip Schofield will have a smooth life, with few glitches. His thought processes will always tend to be innovative and constructive, perhaps because he is a rather old soul. As the years go by we would be very surprised not to see Phillip moving on to intriguing show biz projects. He could even come out as a leader in some new area of broadcasting. You see, he cannot avoid being a focal point for the general public. Anyway, he has always been unafraid of marching through all obstacles to achieve his aims and over the next couple of years; those new aims will be many!

Phillip Schofield has all the wisdom he needs to consistently mature as a TV personality and human being. He is master of his own universe, and few of us could say that. Phillip has come to the end of a cycle, and is ready to pick up a new tab. We sense he will link to a wider, more international audience and could interview some rather “alternative personalities” on a new show. We will watch him with much attention; he is the kind of guy we like to smile back. Good Luck Phillip!

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