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“I have always wanted to know what’s going on under the surface” Marcia Cross once said. Such a phrase is not unusual for an Aries, a Golden Globe winner, a curious person and a magnificent woman.

Marcia Cross: What Is In Store For The Desperate Housewives Star?

“I have always wanted to know what’s going on under the surface” Marcia Cross once said. Such a phrase is not unusual for an Aries, a Golden Globe winner, a curious person and a magnificent woman. She smiles at the camera in one of those diaphanous “red carpet gowns, that moon in Scorpio, that north node in Leo, a fairy tale princess. Her splendid looks the kind that David Letterman of “Late Show” fame described as “strikingly lovely,” cover up a deep and persuasive nature. Marcia Cross is no superficial chick. She needs meaning to life, like a thirsty man needs water. She is someone who wants to understand the secrets of existence, someone who is fascinated by the inner life of a human being. Her innate curiosity regarding all things pertaining to the human psyche has helped her qualify as a therapist; she earned a top notch Masters degree in Psychology as a result. In fact psychoanalysis would be just the right career for our lovely Marcia Cross, with her Mercury in Pisces she is loving, kind, and yearns to heal the mentally confused. She started her acting career uphill though; her Uranus in Leo would have made her suffer when unable to get a casting or use her interpretative skills to the full. But she soon got into the swing of things and her first important role was that of a nymphomaniac palaeontologist in soap called “The Edge of the Night!” She landed a part in the 13th series of Knots Landing. Her interpretative gifts are plain for all to see, especially in Desperate Housewives where she seems type caste as the super uptight Bree Van de Kemp. Hers is a riveting interpretation, it manages to convey such a strait laced, steamy neurotic, and she mesmerises us all! She has also played in US TV mammoth hits such as Melrose Place, in which she starred as the psychotic Kimberly Shaw with great success. Marcia Cross empathises with the workings of twisted minds, throwing herself into the more unusual perceptions of life with gusto; her degree in psychology would have helped her in this capacity. She has also had minor parts on Ally McBeal, Spin City , heavier roles have been in CSI, Profiler, and Touched by an Angel. Strong, independent, winning and gifted, Marcia Cross is willing to give her all to life. Her charisma is awesome; her smile seductive, her red headed looks mesmerising. She is now a spokesperson for gay rights, after having been earmarked as a lesbian by the tabloids; she retorted she is very supportive of the gay community. In 2005 Marcia Cross married Tom Mahoney, a stoke broker, and is in “heaven right now” as the mother of gorgeous twins. But she suffered when her previous partner Richard Gordon died in 1993 and was not seen to date anyone until she surprised us all suddenly “tying the knot” in 2005. Her moon in Scorpio would make her passionate, extreme, with a forceful personality, she is basically a “live life to the hilt” type of girl. Death would not scare Marcia Cross, but a useless lifestyle would. Her Venus, also in Aries, would make her seductive, glamorous; her life partner will worship her. She needs to feel passion emanating off her man, it keeps her sane, and gives life even more meaning. Romantic love and adoration are fundamental, as she gives as much as she receives. But then Mars in Pisces makes Marcia Cross easy to adore. Marcia Cross is so respectful of people, she talks to them with consideration, listens to them intently, understands their quirks, and forgives them their faults. There is a sort of “angelic” quality to her persona, she just extends out her silver antenna, picks up someone’s hurt, and holds them safe. Sometimes her extreme sensitivity will make her want to keep a low profile though, and at those times she will not be emotionally available. The world situation will worry her, she will fear for the future of humanity and her children but then she picks herself up, dusts herself down and starts all over – a couple of days shut down is more than enough for her! Uranus in Leo will give Marcia Cross an uncanny capacity to understand the greater scheme of things, to make use of her natural, inborn spirituality and feel compassion for humanity’s great challenges. Her North Node in Leo will also make her want to sing to her children, tell them fairy tales, happy to return to a magical world of childhood dreams with them. As romantic as the 18th century novelist Emily Bronte, her persona is a “cut out” from a Victorian scrap book. You see, Marcia Cross is indeed a very special being, and will be a light to many lives in the years to come. The coming year will be wish fulfilling for Marcia Cross, Jupiter is happy for her life, and she will find her career and family go according to plan. Of course not everything will be easy, but she will know how to handle things well, she will just click her fingers, say a couple of positive words, and hey presto, good things will come her way. Her mission is nearly accomplished, she has done all that she came to do. All she needs now is to sit back and let life give her even more. Expect to see a lot more of Marcia and expect to be surprised! She will entertain us, intrigue us and fascinate us for many years to come!

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