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Anita Dobson

Written by Philip Garcia

Is that a bird, a train, or a plane? No, it is Anita Dobson being Anita Dobson, which would be hard for most people.

Born on the 29th April 1949 Anita is a Taurus whose earthy performances get under the skin. Remember her Angie Watts, the alcoholic landlady of the “Queen Victoria” Eastenders pub. Guess who drew the highest viewing figures for the show? Why Anita as Angie of course. Since then she has hit the high note with many a TV spectacle, including the very odd “Blood of the Daleks” and the very dramatic “Casualty!” She has also had a prolific musical career. Her singing claim to fame ended with her reaching Number 4 in the UK charts, with “Anyone Can fall in Love!” The song was backed by Queen Guitarist Brian May who became her husband.

So what gives with Anita’s astro? Well, she has a double whammy Sun and Moon in Taurus.

In layman’s terms this means she has both the patience of a saint and the demeanour of a hottie, which is odd, but ensures she bears only a small resemblance to Angie Watts.

Taurus guarantees her persistence, her crystal clear mind, and the fact she keeps at it till she gets it. She knows what she wants and she wants things nice; she likes the trappings of stardom. However, if Angie gets angry, which is rare, you can expect the floor to shake and the candelabra to rattle and roll. Hot Mars in even hotter Aries could add to the “I want way before now!” picture – by the way we are not saying she stamps her foot, but nearly.


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If we were baking a cake for Anita we would add her Jupiter in Aquarius to sweeten it. One slice ensures Anita “thinks outside the box” two slices guarantee she brims over with good will, fabulous ideas and artistic visions. Sharing that cake means pulling back the curtains, looking up at the sky, and hoping for a better world Anita wants life to be great for everyone, and she is willing to stand for what she believes. That Jupiter flavour ensures she is a humanitarian, with a friendly “Menisci” cell or two in her DNA. She intuitively understands the worst human traits with compassion.

Anita is not just a “chip off the old block” she is a special person, Saturn in Leo tells us she always counted on her dreams, even when life was rough and nobody believed in miracles but Anita. When “TV Choice” interviewed her regarding her role in a particularly grueling episode of Holby City she was asked if she was a spiritual person.

“I don’t know – there’s so much out there. There’s more we don’t know. Nobody’s ever come back to tell us what it’s all about, what’s out there or what’s waiting for us – if anything – at the end of the line. I don’t think you can surmise it. You’ve got to live your life in the now. Life is a gift and we’re here to learn lessons and to make the best we can of our life and help others, and be nice and kind. That’s my take on everything. At the end of the road, if there’s something I need to find out, I’ll find out then, and if I’m meant to know something else now, it will be sent to me.

Saturn in Leo backs up her generous soul even though Anita might have felt it forced her to decide before she was ready to. She might have also felt that astro combo pushing luck away. But saying that, we see Leo Saturn taught her that she could stand strong and never allow disappointment or lack of faith to rain on her parade. In other words, Saturn leads her forwards to meet her Higher Self.

She told TV Choice “I think spiritualism as well is not just about clairvoyance. It’s about feeling, emotion, caring, kindness. Also, sometimes you look at someone and you have that ‘I’ve known you before’ feeling. Or you meet someone and you think, ‘I feel like I’ve known you forever’. Some people say, ‘maybe we’ve met before in another life’. I don’t know, but I think people do have connections. I think there’s a kind of innate spiritualism in all of us.”

Leo in Saturn might encourage Anita to nurture determination and spirituality but Mercury in Taurus ensures Anita does not rush in where angels fear to tread, Anita depends on Mr. Merc to give her the time to look at life from all angles and get the real picture. This aspect gifts her with a stunning communicative style; a sweet singing voice and a “Telling it How it Is” talent. She wants “realistic” she wants “dependable!” People will be screened, people will be assessed, and if all the dots are on the “I’s” people will be trusted.

We trust you Anita! You beauty still inspires; your gifts continue to delight us!

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