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Amanda Holden

Written by Philip Garcia

There could not be a better name for Ms Holden, than Amanda, and no better sun sign for her than Aquarius. Her name sums up her life purpose for the meaning of the name Amanda is “she who must be loved”, and if you add on to that all that open minded Aquarian energy, and those beautiful but unusual looks, it is obvious she cannot fail to obtain the success she desires. Amanda Holden was already an old soul when she dropped off on planet earth, and she continued to develop that inner knowing of hers, even as she grew up in an archetypical English village in Hampshire. As a child she had a naturally magical perception and a mesmeric attraction to acting. She joined a theatre group at only nine years old and went on to study speech and drama at Bournemouth University , later graduating from Mount view Drama School, with an agent already standing by her side.

She remembers her times as a drama student in London, “I had a weekend job in a shoe shop to get me through college. I had a grant, but when you study in London you need as much money as you can get. I also once sprayed perfume in Boots for a week, but I couldn’t stand the smell.” She was obviously on a quest, and nothing could stop her from reaching the “castle at the top of the hill”, not even spraying smelly perfume. Amanda Holden continued to move on and up, her good looks and natural charisma drawing much attention, and opening up exciting new vistas. She is certainly a polished performer nowadays, gracious, a pleasure to watch. Those of us who are Amanda Holden fans could get addicted to her strong role in Wild at Heart, the gracious way she judges contestants in Britain’s Got Talent. She sympathises with those folks; she made her TV debut on Blind Date! But not long after she moved into some exciting roles.

She auditioned for Tiffany in East Enders, but hit the jackpot in the successful BAFTA nominated “Cutting It” about stressed hairdressers overcoming life’s challenges. Amanda Holden will go for what a director demands of her, her moon in Libra wanting balance, seeing the other fella’s point of view, consistently working to bring forth a superior performance. Her Mercury in Aquarius will help her synthesize her roles, overcome a tendency to impatience, learn to not always expect things be done “her way!” Mars in Sagittarius will nudge her on, help her work towards a higher vision of her career and life, and make it easy for her to channel energy into inspiring projects. Amanda Holden has a strong will and can adapt to whatever is lain out before her.

Amanda’s love life has had a great deal of media attention. Her first marriage to Les Dennis broke down, and they divorced, some say due to her affair with Neil Morrissey. She is now married to Chris Hughes and is the mother of lovely Alexa, her first child and Hollie her second. Amanda is earnest when it comes to love, especially with such a gracious Capricorn in Venus. Even if she did not always succeed in her romantic intentions, she still wants to share deep sentiment, family life inspires her purpose. Mars in Sagittarius will make her straight to the point; she can only really say what she feels, sometimes to her own detriment. But still, up front Mr. Mars will compensate, gifting her with boundless energy, the kind of energy that ran the London marathon for over four hours on behalf of the Born Free Foundation.

Amanda Holden has come to this earth with a mission, not only to be “one who must be loved”, but to move gracefully through life, giving of her talent, her friendship and her creative gifts. She might feel she has to move on from a couple of challenging situations, leave old ways behind her, and examine a new take on her life and her art. She will find herself connecting to a different type of creative project, projects where she can expand, reach out to new ways of presenting her craft. After all she is an Aquarian, the water carrier, a free spirit, Her thought processes are original her take on life unique. We cannot wait to see her advancement as she continually entertains and intrigues us. She is indeed just like her name Amanda, very lovable indeed.


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