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Robbie Savage

Written by Philip Garcia

Mr Savage always knew what he was supposed to do even if he does not recall an angel handing him a blue print of his life with “transformation” and “controversy” scrawled all over it; he seems to be sticking to the plan. However, the sixty four thousand dollar question is could Robbie Savage really be that hot or has his revealing book “Savage” ensured the stroppy mid fielder who gets up countless people’s noses, is just a soppy date?

He was certainly hot when he won the Sony Radio Academy Rising Star Award in 2011 but not quite so hot during “Strictly Come Dancing”. Whilst partnering Ola Jordan he performed a knee slide that resulted in a broken nose. He was also not quite so hot when the Daily Mail called him the “Dirtiest Player in Premier League” due to his 89 yellow cards, never mind, the BBC nabbed him and now he presents BBC Radio Live on Saturday evenings and is a popular sports pundit.

So from an astro point of view who is the controversial Robert Savage, the guy who looks like a Californiain surfer with that tanned skin and yellow hair? Well he is a complex astro mish mash for starters. Born in Wales on the 18 October 1974 he is a good looking Libra with moon in Sagittarius. He never stops fascinating and he never stops thinking, and once he believes in something it is written in the stars as far as he is concerned. However, he is a surprise in waiting, because those complex planetary placement tell us there beats the heart of a “do gooder”, a harmonious type of guy, who is not into serious conflict unless it knocks on his door and he has to stand up to it, strangely life has pushed at that particular bit, but he has ways of handling his challenges like the pro he is.

Robbie’s Mercury in Scorpio is all about digging into the collective unconscious, he plays to the crowd, he knows how to fascinate them. He is intuitive, he sees things other people might not, but he does not let on, he turns “faux cynical “, and cracks a joke to lighten things up. If he cannot get to the heart of an issue he will find sleeping difficult, his brain wants to alight on the right perspective. He wants to understand. This type of mentally oriented Mercury placement shows he will morph into a different persona every seven years or so, and surprise everyone, making a considerable mark on others lives in the process.

Robbie’s Venus in Libra makes him a charming guy, lovely to chat to, a generous tipper, a great dresser when out on the town. When it comes to love, Robbie’s Venus makes him sensitive, loving, and devoted to his family, he likes his situation at home to look, feel and smell good, he needs sweetness and softness to unleash his passion.


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His lovely wife told the Mirror “He can come across as a hard man on the pitch. But it’s a front. He’s a good family man, a great dad and husband – although, saying that, he’s never changed a nappy. And he never once got up in the night.”

Jupiter in Pisces gives us the feeling Robbie is even nicer than his wife makes out. He cares, he empathizes, he has contributed to many a charity. He cannot bear human suffering and helping others inspires him. He will not let on a how kind he is, he does not like to draw attention to his soft heart. He just lives out his special life; grateful for the gifts it gave him, knowing it is a miracle. Jup in Pisces tells us that in his later years he might be drawn to the mystical to fulfil his deepest soul yearning

Robbie might be controversial due to past behaviour on field, but if we agreed with his wife, and told you it was all a front would you really believe us? Perhaps yes, perhaps no? Certainly, Robbie will not let on what he feels; he guards his inner world from prying eyes especially when things get too close for comfort. In short, his hard man image is one story, the astro tells us another and it is all about a luminous Moon in Sagittarius

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