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Written by Philip M Garcia

Billy Bob And Angie Chased By Aliens
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton are still the best of friends. Well, we can breathe a sigh of relief then, especially when we recall that phial of Billy Bob’s blood hanging around Angelina’s neck, and the Alien Incident. Yes, the two were chased by little green men, in fact an imminent abduction was on the cards.

Billy Bob claims that “One night, I woke up and I was fairly convinced I was about to be abducted by aliens. I woke Angelina up and told her what was going on. You’d expect her to tell me to shut up and go back to sleep. Instead she jumped out of bed and started packing suitcases; never second guessed me or made me feel like an idiot. I was about to be abducted and that was that, we checked into the Ritz and stayed there for a week.

Carrie and Harrison Dig the Rolling
During the filming of the Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back” Carrie Fisher was staying with her friend Eric Idle, one of the Monty Python team. Apparently the Rolling Stones were scheduled to pop in on Eric, so a mega party was on the cards.

Carrie called up Harrison “Holy shit, Harrison,” she exclaimed “the Rolling Stones are coming over to party!”

Carrie and Harrison were slated to film the “Cloud City” scene the next day, and had to get up at five am, but they chose to party, risking a mega hangover.
Carrie said, “What a night. We got two hours of sleep. When we showed up on set we weren’t hungover at all, we were still drunk! You can see in the movie when we show up at Cloud City Harrison and I are smiling and laughing. It’s because we were still in the cup.”


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Ashton and Bruce Get Straight
Ashton Kutcher was scheduled to meet Bruce Willis, Demi Moore’s ex- He told Vanity Fairhe that he felt slightly nervous, justifiably so “I mean, this is the guy who used to sleep with my wife.”

The two guys met in a Beverley Hills restaurant. Bruce arrived wearing a visible holster under his jacket. Ashton was so nervous he could hardly focus on the very formal “Hellos” and the following stilted conversation. His knees shook as Bruce withdrew the gun from the holster and sprayed Ashton with it. It was a water pistol. The two have been best mates ever since.

Bill Murray Goes Orange
The host of a famoius New York restaurant remembers the first time be met Bill Murray.

”Bill would often come in and eat, often with other celebrities.

“One day he arrived at the restaurant in what I can only describe as a neon orange jump suit, even his shoes had orange laces. Bill walked to the middle of this fancy restaurant filled with suits and stood perfectly still, until everybody noticed him. Gradually, the whole place went silent and everybody stared. He had that quality, this bright orange man in a fancy restaurant. Then he smiled big and sat down for lunch as if nothing had happened.!”

Jamie Lee Curtis to the rescue:
An eighty five year old gentlemen was trying to cross a Santa Monica Boulevard. He walked so slowly that the red light turn green whilst he was crossing. There he was, standing like a scared rabbit, in the middle of the road, at a loss with cars speeding by him One particularly mean guy leant on his horn and inched towards the old man in his vehicle, as if to push him out of the way.

At that moment Jamie Lee Curtis was leaving a nearby pizzeria clasping a pepperoni pizza and saw what was happening. Apparently she ran into the road and stepped in front of the eighty five year old, protecting the old man as she screamed,“Can’t you see he’s trying to cross the road, you asshole!” With that Jamie Lee hurled her pepperoni pizza at the guy’s windshield instantly shaming the mean road hog.

Jamie Lee helped the old man walk safely to the other side of the road, and went on to order him a pepperoni pie.

Johnny Depp, John Cusack, and Hunter S. Thompson Hit the High note
These three Hollywood tearaways took to the streets of Los Angelex in a convertible. Hunter S Thompson, the bozo journalist had a blow up plastic doll called Ling Ling perching on the back seat. The nutty Hunter announced that it was Ling Ling’s birthday, and the three starting taking photos, and showing up in bars and dives singing “Happy Birthday Ling Ling.”

Later that evening a police car stopped the by now veru sloshed trio. Someone had reported them beating up a blow up doll at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard. Hunter grinned at the cop, insisting he had beaten on the doll because “It was this strumpet’s birthday, we’ve taken her to all her favorite old haunts, and she’s been nothing but ungrateful.”

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