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Stalked Celebs

Written by Philip M Garcia

Beautiful actress and model Rebecca Schaeffer was shot to death by a stalker in front of her Los Angeles apartment in the eighties. The obsessed fan, Robert Bardo is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole.

Anyone who has experienced a stalker claims the soul shattering experience can destroy one’s life. One is always looking over one’s shoulder, never knowing when one’s personal space will be invaded, feeling watched, emotionally blackmailed, tormented, one could fear for one’s life.

Joni Mitchell
Joni, the mythical sixties songstress, and award winning recording artist, was haunted by an obsessed fan who set up a tent outside her home in seventies Los Angeles. Joni was so scared she had armed guards around her twenty four seven! She said the stalker saw her as his “Gateway to God, the voice of his dead sister, his wife-to-be!” The man eventually gave up on his stalking; she said she felt he finally realized he was ruining her life.

Olivia Newton John
Lovely Olivia Newton John’s stalker Ralph Nau was a twisted soul. He claimed he had experienced a vision telling him that Olivia “loved and needed him!” He tracked Olivia down, wanting her to know that a spirit called Maria had put a spell on her, preventing her from falling in love with him. He persecuted and terrified her. Nau was clearly schizoid; after killing his step brother with an axe he was placed in a psychiatric institution; Olivia finally breathed again…

David Letterman
Poor David Letterman could hardly catch his own breath when his fixated stalker, Margaret Mary Ray insisted she was romantically involved with him. She broke into his house, and camped on his tennis court. She eventually ended her life by kneeling in front of an oncoming coal train.


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When the weird yet gifted Icelandic recording artist Bjork started a relationship with music artist Goldie they were an odd couple. When fixated fan Ricardo Lopez read about their union, he went ballistic claiming he was in love with her himself.. He constructed an acid spray bomb that he hoped would kill her and mailed it to the artist’s London home. He then videotaped his suicide by shooting himself through the head, he was sure he and Bjork would meet in heaven. As fate would have it the package took longer to reach Bjork’s home than it took to discover Lopez’s dead body. After following clues from Lopez’s video diary the police intercepted the deadly package before it reached its destination. Bjork and Goldie broke up after that.

Ken Dodd
Comedian Ken Dodd was stalked by a woman half his age. Ruth Tag would send him love letters and nude pictures of herself. In one letter she asked, “What does one have to do to become one of your extended family?” Tagg even wove a tapestry depicting Ken and sent it to him as a “special gift!” When she could not get his attention she put a perfumed rat in a box and mailed it to his long term partner. She went more than a little too far when she pushed burning rags through his letter box. Ken survived but Tagg had caused thousands of pounds of damage to his home. In 2003 she was detained and charged with stalking arson and harassment. She was later confined to a mental home.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow received five letters a day plus boxes of pornography from a male stalker called Soiu. He then showed up unannounced at her parents’ house and said he had the intention of “…taking God’s scapel and cutting out the sin from Gwyneth.”
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