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The Roxanne Pallett Debacle!

Written by Philip M Garcia

Poisoned Apples


Could an evil step mother have handed a poisoned apple to our Roxanne morphing her into the very opposite of Snow White? The fact is throwing poisoned apples around the small screen will always ensure the great British public has had enough, especially when a “butter would not melt in her mouth” star like Roxanne Pallett becomes an exact lookalike for the psychotic Keeley Hyatt role she played in “Casualty”.  


A “Rocky Horror Show”


One could say Roxanne created her very own “Rocky Horror Show” when she accused housemate Ryan Thomas of being a “liar” and a “woman beater!” on Celebrity Big Brother.   Close ups show him barely touching her shoulder as he jokingly lunges around the house punching shadows.  Weeping followed the accusations.  The outcry was mega.  Big Brother fans were ultra horrified when Roxy refused to sleep in the same room as our Ryan. Twitter went wild with thousands of angry comments and accusations.  “Cute” and “Pretty” Roxy had morphed into a malicious troll. The dream was over, that pretty lady was no longer the girl we gazed upon with stars in our eyes. 


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Snow White?


Our question is does Roxanne suffer from “Poisoned Apple” syndrome or is she nothing other than a “wannabe” Snow White? Let us take a little time to ponder on a contrite young woman who admitted she made a “horrible mistake!” 


The word “evil” was used when the Big Brother “punching scandal”  hit the headlines. Roxanne’s misplaced comments saw Sam Attwater insisting he “Was not having it!”  He had starred with the pretty brunette in the “Rocky Horror Show” in 2012, and was obviously not willing to chew on any more poisoned apples. After all, Roxanne claimed he had hit her just like she did with Ryan Thomas. To boot, Nick Miles, or Jimmy King, with whom she once starred in the “Emmerdale” soap, tweeted that everyone knew Roxanne was more than adept at “throwing around accusations!” The Big Brother folks were probably aware they were placing a “cute little cat amongst the pigeons!” when they assigned Roxy to the “house!” but perhaps would not have expected the chaos that ensued.


The Real Story


But hang on, perhaps there is a hidden motive,  so what is the real Roxanne Story all about?  Obviously time to reveal astro secrets. 


Long before the “Big Brother Controversy” a cute little baby girl was born  on the 26 December 1982, with the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Taurus.  They called the “bundle of joy” Roxanne.  Right from the start she had “a  curl right in the middle of her forehead“ ensuring that “When she was good she was very, very good but when she was bad she was horrid!”


That pretty, bright girl, of Italo-Iranian extraction, pushed herself through life right from the start; she had high expectations. When things did not go her way a hard nosed “Cappy Influence”  caused her to become as inflexible as a dog with a bone. In fact, she insisted on “getting it” when it came to ambition.  One imagines her screaming “I want!” to her mum on a regular basis, yet few ever understood what it was she”really, really” wanted, except of course Roxanne. 


With a “more than probable” Aries ascendant the cute little girl grew into a “go for it” young woman.  “Fire sign ascendant determined” she would work her way to the top of the pile. Her talent and looks ensured she was noticed.  In fact, her beauty won her a place amongst the “Hundred Sexiest Women in the World!” She did photo shoots for “Loaded” and “Maxim” and pantomime at the Royal Court. She toured with Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues”.  She had made it, even if those who knew and loved her might have questioned her rather childish Aries trait, one which ensured she saw faults in others, but rarely in herself.  Clearly, her deal was to win the prize, so she would have determined to be “the next best thing to perfect!”   Yet her natural sparkle was often eclipsed by an almost brutal Martian insistence that the world be exactly as she wanted it.  Obviously things don’t work that way.


Her Merry Way


Restless to a fault she continued on her “merry way” determined to attract as much fame as possible.   Taskmaster Saturn ensured personal dynamics played a significant role.  Mr S even insisted she be overly cautious, doubting  others’ motives just to be safe.  On the other hand,  fiery Aries kept pushing her to open out and compete, which was a recipe for disaster.  Introvert and Extrovert just don’t mix.  The conflict was “on!”  Perhaps that conflict caused her to believe colleagues hindered her path. She might have held back insecure feelings but they would suddenly burst forth, cascading over everyone, surprising and upsetting them. 


To this day her most challenging test will always be emotions, they wobble her, she does not feel safe around them except on screen or stage where she can “act” them out.  With Mars in Aquarius, the pretty girl everyone admired would reveal  a disruptive force.  So how come that sweet face sported the scowl of a lass with  a chip on her shoulder?  So how come her “Devil’s Advocate” style won more enemies than it ever did friends? 


Mercury in Capricorn wants to fit into a box, so Roxanne will be impatient with those who are not in that box with her.  With Venus also in Capricorn, there are times when the pretty lady ventures into a dark and lonely place where  she continues to develop that self protective stance.  In other words, few get to know the “Real Roxanne”, and in some cases do not want to.  They sense the repressed resentment simmering within, the anger that causes her to think people are“out to get her!”  when in reality she is “out to get them!”


The Sacred Voice Within


One day, the lovely Roxanne might learn to listen to the “sacred voice within”.  She could tune into the angel that wants to guide her way. But will she? Perhaps the “punching scandal” will encourage her to seek deeper meaning. Perhaps she will overcome her Karmic debt so rather than perceiving others as “less” she will perceive them as far “more” than she could ever dream of.  With Jupiter in Sagittarius she could even tune into the bigger picture, or take a giant leap of faith, going down a beautiful pre ordained path. She could even look into her heart, and open up to the good of this world and the wonderful gifts it can offer. She could eventually help rather than hinder, support rather than “put down”. As her soul hurts her heart might expand. 


So will this gifted actress morph into “Snow White” without the poisoned apple, a kind Snow White,  so nice to the Seven Dwarves  she gets kissed by a Prince?  Perhaps a happy ending awaits, if she really wants it! Or perhaps we have all got it wrong, and what appears evil is just a challenge, encouraging us  to forgive and love each other rather than push each other over the edge.

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