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Celebs Sucks!

Written by Philip M Garcia

Baby Shiloh
Shiloh, Angelina and Brad’s little honey is one of the coolest celebrity kids on the block that is if it were not for her major thumb sucking habit! Brad and Angie apparently bribed her to stop by going on about a possible “Special daddy-daughter camping trip.” Will she get that thumb out of her mouth? The answer could be “not for now!” So guess who else is sucking their thumb these days.

Toddler Susan
When singer Susan Boyle has a super temper tantrum she reverts back to three year old status . Her big thumb suck apparently helps her believe life ain’t sucks no more!

Babyish Jennifer
Infant Jennifer Lawrence was seen by a fan sucking her thumb as if she would never stop. She was sitting in an airport lounge with a huge teddy bear in tow Jen puts those thumb sucking stints down to the fact that “I have a very weird job!” rather than being just plain babyish!

The Madonna Tot
When Madonna has an iffy moment she is soon sucking her thumb without a care in the world. Nothing perturbs the Queen of Pop apparently, not even the fact that she has morphed into a two year old tot!

Pre Schooler Kim
Only that Kardashian girl could make thumb sucking appear “hot!” Perhaps a long thumb suck helps Kim get over the bad press and mean gossip coming her way. Watch this space for more news on Kims pre school status.


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Suckling Hagen
German pop star singer Nina Hagen claims she has been sucking her thumb for years without anyone raising an eyebrow
She said “When I was little I sucked my thumb and then later when my teeth came. When I became an adult I was still sucking my thumb occasionally. Here and then, there and that. So my teeth, they go a little up and down!”.
Great Nina, however when the interviewer asked you whether you still were into thumb sucking and you insisted you had never stopped didn’t you realise you appeared to be a bit of a suckling!

Mummy’s Boy Nesbitt
British actor James Nesbitt has also taken to the “Sucks” Habit. He said “I suck my thumb all day long… on the tube, the bus, watching TV,”
“Technically, I don’t suck it, I just feather it with my tongue… It sounds rude, doesn’t it? I love it so much… People stare at me all the time. Even my kids tell me to stop it.”
How embarrassing for them James! So when are you going to stop behaving as if you still want your mummy?

Listen you thumb sucking folk out there, just cos celebs are sucks doesn’t mean you have to be too!

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