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Celebs “Sans Everything!”

Written by Philip M Garcia

It is unlikely you forgot to put you knickers on today, in fact it is more than probable you would not go out the house without your cute panties, but get this, some of our fave stars would beg to differ. They like to feel wild and free, with the wind in their hair and a big grin on their faces!

You see, many a celeb is going against the grain “sans everything”. Perhaps being kincker-less is a symbol of rebellion against the star system. In other words “thinking outside the box” means going without boxers!

Knicker-less Miley
Why is it that we are we not in the least bit surprised to learn that Miley Cyrus is regularly into socializing “Sans Everything!”. In fact, she is almost as bad as Kim Kardashian who prefers clingy dresses to underwear. Kim is a obviously girl who has never worried about going over the edge in the nether regions.

Rihanna Vs. Naff?
Rihanna to all intents and purposes has her head screwed on right, yet she still believes that wearing underclothes is naff. For quite a while now she has risked being arrested for indecent exposure but does she worry? Not on you Nelly! She is determined to show how wild and free she is, and how little she cares about what people think: In other words she is convinced folks love her with or without her nicks.

The Ever Stylish, Yet Very Knicker-less
The somewhat conservatively dressed J Lo likes showing off now and then, so she will wear the type of designer dress that demands a major lack of underwear is a must for “effect!”. She might have to use a bit more fabric around the hind quarters to keep the side up, but she is darned if she is going to opt for frilly knicks. She is class on legs so not even that quaint panty-less habit will phase her.


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A Madman
A photo of John Hamm the Madmen star without his drawers on is rather impressive. But apparently his boxer-less habit troubled Mad Men producers who issued an edict, in other words if he wanted to keep the part he was obliged to cover up his nether regions with your basic and very sensible underwear!

Egg on her Face?
Lindsay Lohan is consistently dealing with egg on her face one would think she would avoid silly headlines by now. But oh no, her penchant for hitting the town without her panty hose has led to a number of risqué photos hitting the headlines. One wonders whether she has cottoned on to the fact she is a tad too grown up to play silly pranks. Perhaps she thinks she is still a child star, and can do what she pleases. Oh come on Lohan grow up! You are one person that can’t afford life without panty hose!

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