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Cameron Diaz Admits to 20 Year BO Issue

Written by Philip M Garcia

A Natural Process
Dr Marie-Helene Marion swears that sweating is a natural physiological process, —-“it acts as a cooling system for the body,” she insists!
She also claims “The amount people sweat varies greatly between individuals but wearing a combined anti-perspiring deodorant will help to prevent both the secretion of perspiration and the formation of bacteria, therefore reducing the chances of embarrassing body odour or sweat patches”.

Embarrassing Sweat Patches
Well, nobody wants embarrassing underarm sweat patches especially when it comes to looking like a supersonic sportsman.
“All those hyper deep scrums can be nasally nasty” an anonymous rugby trainer insisted. “Legs twisted around thighs, thighs twisted around armpits and feet caught up in rear ends say it all. I can tell you sweaty rugby pile ups are not conducive to ecstatic odour!”
The coach might be right, but some still insist wearing deodorant is not “in”.

Not Worn Underarm Spray for Twenty Years
The Mail recently reported on Cameron Diaz, who admitted she has not worn underarm spray for twenty years!
Diaz told the interviewer: ‘Anti-perspiring is really bad for you. Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn’t hold on to the scent. You’re stinky because you use anti-perspiring. It keeps the entire stink in!”

Heather Edwards a beauty therapist from Oxfordshire agrees with Cameron, she has not used deodorant for years either. She admits to using basic essential oils for that underarm region however, and continues to insist that nobody has ever reacted negatively to her body odour.

Sexy Male Movie Stars Who Dig the Whiff
Super sexy Matthew McConaughey and handsome Bradly Cooper don’t go for deodorant sprays either, and out of principal, they claim. May be they have discovered most fans dig a movie star whiff, the kind of whiff popular male cologne tries so hard to imitate.


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Three Showers a Day
Bradly admits he takes a lot of showers though “Three a day!” to be exact! To boot Brad Pitt, who is definitely no rugby player has joined the “No Deodorant” Clan to boot. Let’s hope he takes three showers a day too after all he has a whole lot of sweating to contend with, a huge family, Angelina and dedicated movie roles! But perhaps he just does not need to go for the spray! Perhaps his talent and his “je ne sais quoi” sex appeal does well enough without deodorant!

Of course the above is all well and good but if you like your guys and gals to smell sweat-less you will rarely go for that pure body odour choice. Instead, you will probably opt for the deodorant stick and Eau de Toilette. Something that smells like a sportsman, but one who has avoided rugby scrums and takes three showers a day, along with Cameron Diaz and Bradly who smell gorgeous in every direction!

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