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Written by Philip M Garcia

Those who are not animal fans, just cannot understand why their mates go all soppy at the sight of some fluffy four legged creature that either scratches the furniture or pees on their heels. But animal fans are increasing each year. Sick of the horrors of this hard cold world, we are turning to man’s best friends, the faithful dog, or cuddly cat to warm the cockles of our heart.

Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais might be super sarcastic and super sardonic on the Red Carpet, but don’t you dare say a nasty word about his pet newt! You see this award winning comic has other tricks up his sleeve, one is going all soppy about pets, whether four legged and furry or all teeth and claws! He just adores his doggies and is doing all he can to stop medical testing on animals. He is a very strong voice for animal advocacy. In fact, one can just imagine Ricky tickling his little pet snake under the chin!

Howard Stern
Pull the other one, don’t tell us the hard hitting Howard Stern the guy who delights in making his audience tremble, whose opinions and challenging demeanour rock the boat, is a push over when it comes to the furry brigade? Well yes, He might not take fools gladly on America’s Got Talent, but he sure takes to animals. Just mention the word feline and you will see him go ballistic in the “kind hearted” department. He has fostered fifty cats, and will do anything and everything he can to help those cute little critters. He even promotes cat adoption on his web side. He is a goner when it comes to his furry catnip friends.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell is known to go all weak at the knees when he sees a pouch. He can be mean to Britain’s Got Talent contestants shocking them with “straight to the point” opinions, but when it comes to doggies it is baby language, and doting attitudes all the way to the sofa. He cooperates with PETA as a celebrity role model happy to stand against fur coats, as well as abused animals. He is super-hot on saving captive dolphins too.

Katherine Heigl
Pain in the neck Katherine Heigl the lovely actress who regularly puts her foot in her mouth, managing to annoy crew and fellow actors on a regular basis is a soppy date when it comes to stray dogs. Above and beyond her aggressive stance in the “show biz” department, she does all she can to help animals with the backing of her Jason Debus Heigl Foundation! named after her late brother. The foundation does all it can to reduce the number of animals in shelters by contributing to splaying low income family pets. Heigl has five abandoned dogs she adores; she adopted them with her husband Josh.


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Charlize Theron
Along with Spice Girl Melanie Charlize Theron is doing everything she can to stop animal testing, and cruelty. We all know Charlize has a fairly tough presentation on screen and sometimes off, yet she is more than a softy when it comes to animals. Charlize has taken in four rescue dogs recently, Denver, Orson, Tucker and Delilah. To boot, she is strictly anti fur.

Those of us, who love our pets, might need to speak out more against the horrific experimentation done in hidden laboratories. These are feeling, sentient beings, who need our love, as well as giving it!

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