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Adopted Celebs

Written by Philip M Garcia

Adoption can be a challenging process. Marion, now in her seventies, was adopted shortly after the Second World War. The love child of a black American service man stationed in England and a young British secretary she was eight months when her step parents legally adopted her. She swears she never really bonded with them! ”I have always felt his big dark hole inside of me, as if something was missing. In fact I only found out about my true origins when I was forty!”

Sarah McLaughlin
Famous singer Sarah McLaughlin did better than Marion; she discovered she had been adopted at nine. She insists she is grateful to her birth mother for giving her up for adoption and allowing them both of them to follow their dreams.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie was adopted shortly after birth. The adoption was a presumed success since he is a successful guy! He has felt no compunction to connect to his birth mother apparently.

Nicole Richie
Lovely Nicole was adopted by Lionel Richie when her biological parents could no longer provide for her. She was nine at the time. She would have had to adjust as a child, the situation was probably challenging for all concerned. She appears happy and successful, so that particular adoption worked.

Faith Hill
Faith, the stunningly gifted country singer was adopted by Edna and Ted Parry. At the age of 21 Faith married her first husband Daniel Hill, and kept his name. Faith appears confident, and fulfilled as a woman. Whatever issues she had about her adoption she seems to have overcome them.


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Ray Liotta
The”Goodfellas Star” was adopted by Mary a Scottish woman and Alfred Liotta an Italian. When he was in his forties Liotta hired a private eye to find his biological mother. He met her and discovered he had a sister, four half-sisters and a brother. She told him she had been very young and couldn’t cope. He was “disappointed” and grateful he had been adopted. He claimed that when his birth-mother realised the son she had given up was a famous actor, “She had a whole different bounce to her voice.”

John Lennon
Lennon was traumatized by his difficult childhood. At the age of six he was forced to choose between his mother and his father. The trauma was significant. Sadly, when he chose his mother over his father she abandoned him and he was adopted by his grandmother. Just as he was about to reestablish contact with his mum she was killed in a car accident. He referred to losing her twice.

Julian, Lennon’s son once said “Dad sang about love, he spoke about it, but he never really gave it, at least not to me as his son.”
“My darker side definitely comes from Dad. Whenever I get too aggressive, —I try to calm myself down, be more positive.”
No matter how powerful lucky and rich one is, it could take “forever” to heal from parental abandonment and rejection.

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